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    Christmas Tango wish

    New shoes for rockin baseball!
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    Proper way to stretch your way into a split?

    I used to split when I was a kid but can't stretch much now.:oops:
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    What made you smile today?

    The morning!
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    Dance Boosts Young Girls' Mental Health

    Stimulate good thinking! :D
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    Lindy In Moscow

    Moscow! Oh I love Moscow!:rolleyes:
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    Why Do Dancers Smoke?

    It's unhealthy to smoke. Quit it before it ruins your career.
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    High heels effects

    Imagine girls ballroom dancing without heels. It's not quiet attracting..for me..
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    Taking the lead: So you think you can challenge gender roles in dance?

    I have seen many gender switching dance. It's awesome!
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    What (if any) instrument/s do you play?

    Love the piano.. I play guitar though.