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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    it's been out a few years but i finally saw un tango mas (with subtitles) recently. i was struck by maria's observation that she danced because it was the only thing she could afford to do growing up as poor as she did.
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    Ballroom Dancing Scene vs. Bar & Club Scene

    beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
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    What is Blues Dancing?

    is it just me, or does anyone else think this is like being forced to ride a bike with training wheels? i once had someone try to suggest that i should 'pulse' while dancing AT to make it easier for follows to match my movements which were tied to the lyricism of the music. i threw up in my...
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    What is Blues Dancing?

    i live up near the rose bowl now which makes atomic is quite a haul, so i've been down only to DJ on saturday's 'blues on the b side' which is ending its run as a weekly event. the person running blues on the b side is tied into a group that's trying to codify what blues is and isn't. i find it...
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    What is Blues Dancing?

    so you were at a friday night dance at atomic? i've DJ'd blues there, though not on a friday night. even within LA you probably won't find a consensus - if anything most folks in LA mistake fusion for blues (and fusion in LA means assimilating dance styles without having to learn the technique...
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    What are the dangers of learning patterns?

    the relevance of the following will vary depending on the genre: will your partners be expecting to be led familiar (syllabus) patterns? learning/creating patterns is not sufficient; assuming you are a lead, it is also incumbent on you to learn how to *lead* the figure as unambiguously as...
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    How easy is it to transfer from one style to the next?

    i submit that it depends a lot on how you were taught. if you are taught in a way that also impresses the idea that this is the ONLY way to do it correctly, you are inhibited from learning something that contradicts that initial learning. richard powers at stanford wrote an essay about...
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    Don't want to look like a "ballroom" WCS dancer

    a lot of ballroom dancers import a 'jive' look into their WCS by lifting their knees instead of keeping them the same distance from the floor. brandi tobias describes it and other things pretty well in the following video:
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    Are musicians bad dancers?

    i'm surprised that i never mentioned that i also conducted - the idea that movement influenced the music's...shape & emotion made it easy to assimilate the converse - listening to the melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre/tone in the music and having it prompt the choice of movement. the need for a...
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    How to improve synchronization during group dance

    video is your friend here. use it to identify what's not in sync by frame if necessary. you may choose to have one couple set the standard and have everyone else emulate what they're doing, in some cases you may choose to sacrifice certain things for sake of symmetry. that's up to you. but once...
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    Best Social Partnership Dance For Modern Music

    all the previous responses seem to assume that other people who know the same dance will be there. i choose not to make that assumption. if you go to a place playing modern music but isn't explicitly a venue for a specific dance, WCS is a horrible choice; the dance requires a level of partnering...
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    Cooking from Scratch

    given that fermentation is an anaerobic process, i'm a little worried about your container giving off aromas because of what's inside being exposed to open air.
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    Cooking from Scratch

    why not live up to your own sig? or does it apply only to everyone else?
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    Dance and Martial Arts

    i likewise have found my aikido background very helpful, not for the personal movement so much as in developing a clear yet light lead in leveraging my partner's center of gravity. silat, not so much; "making the way" to blast the living %$&@ out of my opponent while protecting my center line...
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    LA/OC dance studios (2013 edition)

    they can try, but with that small a dance floor; one couple exercising bad floorcraft would block LOD for everybody on the floor and no one not affiliated with the studio is likely to show up.