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    Iveta & Lucky VIP Dancer

    I hear she may have converted a standard dancer.
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    2012 MIT Open

    hmm... and Dance Legends will sponsor the scholarships? That's very generous! :D Sad that the efforts of many people over the years to bring shows by top dancers at affordable prices to students will revert back to how it was a decade ago.
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    Mac 2012

    any updates for adult champ standard?
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    Building a College Team

    know their customers, segmentation, and 4 P's (product, price, promotion, placement) there's also a circulated blue book by the former USABDA's Youth College Network (YCN) which has a collection of guidelines and wisdom. I have a paper copy, I should digitize at some point.
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    Anyone up for an international University Competitions?

    The universities in the US welcome all dancers - from universities, high schools, grade schools, domestic and abroad, students, non-students, etc... The only sticky point is that there are no competitions for professionals in the collegiate scene. the large collegiate competitions with ~1000...
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    Ballroom Application on Facebook

    within facebook, search for 'ballroom', and select apps on the left hand menu bar. I'm hoping to get some time this summer to do much needed upgrades.
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    Ballroom Application on Facebook

    the app is back up and running. sorry for the down time, got wrapped up on a few small things like dancing, job hunt, and graduation.
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    MIT Open 2011

    marks are up
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    MIT Open 2011

    well, the judges could have helped you dance fewer rounds, but either they like what they saw, or they like to see people suffer. :)
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    MIT Open 2011

    I've heard marks will be up by evening tonight... I think we should all bribe eric with chocolates, or at least words of encouragements. :)
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    What are the largest amateur competitions in the world?

    there's probably quite a bit of overlap since most people do RS and open in their respective division/styles. BP is a little bit like collapsing all the levels at a US comp into 2 which everyone does - would be an interesting experiment to get a collegiate comp like MIT, and collapse it down to...
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    MIT Open 2011

    the hired lighting crew this year was pretty bad, very inexperienced, MC had to stall a lot because they were not ready. I have seen some artistic silhouette photos popping up.
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    Smooth suit tailor in the NYC/Boston area

    there are tail suit makers, and there are TAIL suit makers. when quality matters, you can't go wrong with alex sinitsa in LA.
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    MIT Open 2011

    anyone watching the live stream? the quality is pretty good!
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    What are the largest amateur competitions in the world?

    I stand corrected. from o2cm results, MAC 2011 had 1375 competitors, and 2010 nationals 1017. and according to the men's number for 2011 byu at's_Numbers_Amateur_Events.pdf, there 669 numbers, at best 1338...