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    More Didactict Tango--Walking

    I could just walk all night, I love it... With the right leader, of course. And I wish I was better at it. Though my (non-tango) friends laugh when I say I should really practice how to walk more :)
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    New Tango Reality Show

    I remember that! We were asked to come downstairs with them where they were filming as it looked "too empty" on the dance floor. Eh, no thanks.
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    The Meaning of Tango: by Christine Denniston

    I've read it and found it most interesting. It's one of those things where you think you already know a lot about something, but then you get a book by someone who has done so much research and who knows how to present it well, and you realise that actually you didn't know so much. Would...
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    Floorcraft - leaving space behind a leader?

    Never heard you should be able to expect to be able to take a step back. But if it's possible I guess it's better not to go too close, since you never know what the guy in front of you might do. I also think that if there is a crash it's almost always the fault of the person stepping back.
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    AT fusion dances

    Good question. I also find it a lot easier the other way around.
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    I will never dance AT well

    I agree with everyone else. Of course you don't need to know the names of the different orchestras, tunes, singers etc. to dance well. Personally I do know a lot about the music, but that's because I like stuff like that and has nothing to do with my ability to dance. Sure, knowing the music...
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    I will never dance AT well

    Not the tango holiday of a lifetime? You mean you think you'd have a better tango holiday somewhere else?
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    Dancing Tango to non-Tango tracks

    There are quite a few websites that list non-tango tunes for tango. Have you had a look at Steve Morrall's suggestions on ? Some of them are quite good. Personally, at this stage I don't really like dancing to non-tango. But maybe I will again. It has...
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    Having fun at milongas

    I never said I don't accept dances, in fact I don't think I have ever refused a dance. Everyone has their own reasons for behaving the way they do. In a big milonga there are people who want to dance with new people and people who don't. If you want to dance, you'll find someone to dance...
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    Having fun at milongas

    Does that mean I should not be welcome at milongas because I sometimes only dance with very few people and spend the rest of the time watching and talking to friends? Should the same be applied to night clubs and similar as well? I think people see milongas as two different things - a big...
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    Having fun at milongas

    Well, this is supposed to be the difference between a practica and a milonga. Practica - for practising, milonga - for dancing. In many places they are the same in practice(!) unfortunately. Also the nuevo crowd has often started using the practicas as milongas with nuevo moves, which they can't...
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    Close embrace

    Nuevo is easier in the sense that it's easier to impress people who don't dance tango (and yourself too) even with no technique. Just do some poorly executed boleos and you're off! :) Surely nothing is easy if you want to do it well.
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    Close embrace

    I'm amazed you have not been taught to dance in close embrace. ALL nuevo dancers I know of dance both close and open in pretty much every dance. When I was doing nuevo we had to learn both equally. I was then taught to dance with one side very open, as you say. That seems to be the most common...
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    Flexi- tango

    I think it must be a demo of this particular way of dancing. They never did anything like that when I saw them before. Perhaps a fun addition if you do it once during a milonga? I do like them as teachers. Quite nuevo, but you can tell that they like dancing very close as well. I watched them...
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    Advice on overtaking, please.

    In my personal experience the outside lane is considered the best place to dance, which means that there are more people dancing there, which makes it more crowded, which makes it slower. It also seems to be the preferred place to dance particularly for dancers who like to dance in a more simple...