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    What activities are you cutting back since you started dancing?

    Given up cable tv. Netflix streaming (via Roku) and antenna all the way now. Leaves more money for dance lessons/instructional dvds/attending dance events. And I never watched all those channels anyway. Don't cook as much as before...especially not anything time-consuming. The crockpot is my...
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    Pet Peeves at Dances

    I agree with the big fish/little pond thing. And similarly, when an instructor's teaching is outdated because they refuse to go to lessons or attend dance events/workshops outside their studio. (Thinking about west coast swing in particular here).
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    Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

    Sweetheart Swing Classic This dancing. Son home, daughter sick. Last weekend (2/11 - 2/13) AWESOME. Sweetheart Swing Classic in Panama City Beach, FL. Hotel (Marriott Baypoint Resort) AWESOME...they didn't have our room ready and we got comped a bay view room w/balcony instead...
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    Okay, can anyone help an old lady?

    I've heard of the Ten Step...we do the 16 Step around here. It's a fun progressive polka type dance.
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    What's Your Favorite Dance?

    Nope, I love line dancing too! We're just getting back into it after not dancing for about five years, so I'm not current on the new dances, but still love the old stand-bys like Watermelon Crawl, Cowboy Rhythm, etc. (Used to do Razor Sharp and loved it...can't remember a step of it now!) Also...
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    Cotton Eye Joe

    We learned it as a progressive dance...have heard about the line dance, but I've never seen it done, except on YouTube, I think. Never learned anything but modern dance in school. Oh, and yes, we do it to the Rednex version!