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    What is the "Russian kick"?

    I know the You Tube move as "Drop Sit"; but, different schools - different names. I don't know the name of the move in the pic. 'Cos it is easy to lead with an experienced dance partner I have always just done it rather than call it first. I would be happy for this one to be "Russian Kicks"...
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    What is the origin of Two Step?

    Gee, I thought it was because the One Step as described earlier, while easy to learn, became boring real quick. :) Seriously though, I am sure I have seen Two Step type dances in the real old cowboy movies. I imagine it evolved from the rural Anglo-Celtic/Tex-Mex popular dances along with the...
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    Your Collision Stories

    At this real dive of a country pub I came out of a fast turn to find myself face to face with a bloke walking right across the dance floor, carrying two jugs of beer. :rolleyes:
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    "Original" music West Coast Swing was danced to

    Musician. I thought that this was a term in general international usage. Interesting isn't it. Same language but so many regional variations. I guess Australians know so much more about the US and the rest of the world than Americans know about us. As far as I know our exported TV shows...
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    Forceful Lead???

    You are right Chandra, we could keep kicking this around for ever. I have explained how it works for us. You are also right about Rock'n'Roll. We can get a woman dancing very quickly. (It takes longer for men. They have to learn how to lead. :raisebro: ) It is like playing the guitar. You...
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    Forceful Lead???

    Uh huh! Mate I am so impressed that you can lead into the Rock’n’Roll move that I know as “J&L” and not have the woman unsure whether it might be the move that starts the same way. Of course we can and do dance all night with the only leads being through hand positions and body placement...
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    Friday night, danced to the Vincents at Little Maria’s. Maria runs the Classic Rock, black and white shoe and bowling shirt dance in Melbourne. It is only $10 entry and the evening always has a live band and a DJ. I particularly enjoy the segment with the Progressive Cha Cha (it always goes for...
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    "Social dancing messes up [my] technique"?

    I like to think of a pyramid, with beginners coming in at the bottom, improving their skill as they work their way up the levels. The dancers in the higher levels of ability inspire, encourage, coach and support those below them in both social dancing and competition. I would hate to find...
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    Forceful Lead???

    Dancelf, you might need to find some different people to dance with. For us it is about fun, interaction, the music and the pleasure of skill development. Let me know next time you are coming to Australia and we will make you welcome. Melbourne is 90 minutes away from the popular Phillip...
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    So You Think You Can Dance - Ballroom Portion

    I would prefer DWTS and the various spin-offs to lose the Hip Hop entirely. Ball room dancers tricked out to show “tude” is ridiculous. Sure their moves are clever but the so called Hip Hop is a very, very pale imitation of the real thing.
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    Forceful Lead???

    As a result of learning to dance at a school that emphasised the technical side of Rock’n’Roll we know around 90 named moves. The concessus among women Rock’n’Roll dancers in my dance sphere is that they would prefer to be asked whether they would like to attempt a particular complicated move...
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    My Eyes Are Up Here

    OK we have talked about turning girls into women and boys into men and men into gentlemen. Explain this one for me – cleavage! I not talking about formal comp costumes, carefully assembled outfits of three band aids and a piece of silk. I am talking about in social dancing situations...
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    "Original" music West Coast Swing was danced to

    I will love to have a music specialist explain in technical terms the difference between Swing music, Western Swing, Rockabilly, Classic Rock, Jump Blues, etc. It must be possible because we can listen to a tune a give a both a genre and even a sub-genre, eg Surf Music as a separate...
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    Wait a sec.... Polka?

    I am really enjoying the topics posted on Dance Forums, so I cannot resist commenting on the ideas coming up in this thread. Why Polka? Probably because, like Swing, Rock and Street Latin, it is a people dance, spontaneous, boisterous and joyful. Not studied and overly formularised. It is...
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    C&W dance clips and instruction?

    I had the same question about Rock’n’Roll clips. There must be Country dance clips apart from Bootscootin’. Has anybody found any sites since Dancenut first asked the question in March?