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    Cleaning sweat off dress?

    I have washed just the bodice of my dress in the kitchen sink. I put towels or plastic bags on either side of the sink and spread out the dress so just the bodice goes in the sink. If you have floats, you can bundle them up in a plastic bag to keep them dry as well.
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    Magnetic eyelashes?

    Has anyone tried magnetic false eyelashes? I've seen them advertised and wondered if they work and how they look.
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    foot (toe) injury

    I once called the Harkness Center to get a referral to a doctor in my area who had trained there. He actually didn't have any advice different from the podiatrist I'd already seen, but he taught me a taping technique that I use whenever my bothersome toe (second toe) starts to act up. I...
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    Stepping on lady's toes -- Ouch!

    I've always been told that it's my job to get my feet out of the leader's way. It's possible that you are taking bigger steps than she can handle, but otherwise, if she is following you, she should be moving enough that this doesn't happen. On second thought, I guess there is another...
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    Arthur Murray/Former Students and Teachers

    The teacher should look at the contract he signed for the details. But would that solve the problem? If the owner is pissed about the whole thing, a technicality might not change her mind.
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    This. I'm not nearly as comfortable travelling forward as I am backward--in any position, including shadow, so it's not just about stepping into my partner. When you have a moment, I'd love to hear more about this.
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    I find I have a mental issue on many steps where I have to step strongly into my partner. I just don't like doing that. Don't know the solution--all that's worked for me is just to suck it up and do it.
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    pygmalion's dating advice thread

    Ummm . . . I think Sam was saying that it seems a bit fast that he's BF already, considering when you met him (I agree), but you thinK it's slow?
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    local comps more stressful?

    The best time I had at a comp was the Colorado Star Ball one time. I have a very good friend in Denver, so I stayed with her. It was great to have a place and company to escape to when not dancing. I was much less stressed than when I'm enveloped in the comp atmosphere. And it was fun having...
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    local comps more stressful?

    Not only that. Going to a local comp once, I went out at 6 am to drive to the venue--and found I had a flat tire! Went back in the house, called cab, changed into dress to save time (already had hair and make-up). God knows what the cab driver thought! I explained, of course, but I'd love to...
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    Enlightening Conversations

    Sorry to hear it, P. Hang in there!
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    Tango wobble

    Unfortunately, no. If it were, I'd be one heck of a tango dancer! :p
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    Tango wobble

    Sounds like tango rocks to me, too. Or else it's a serious balance problem! (Joking! :D) Welcome to DF, Marc!
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    Couples Who Argue

    Not to mention that it's a waste of that precious time. Perhaps some couples can solve problems by sccreaming at one another, but I expect they are very rare. Mostly, it just wastes time and energy that could be better spent actually working on the dancing. Everyone can "lose it" on...
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    Beginning follower needs advice

    It's a challenge to learn to follow well in beginning classes, because the leaders are beginners too and often lead poorly or not at all. So followers are often given the choice of doing their part on their own and just standing there waiting for a lead (and embarrassing the guy). Is the...