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    Dance Jokes

    Not really a joke, more of a fact... Not really a joke, but... Did you know that in dancing, there is no such word as "can't" - thats because there's no "T" in dANCing. So when someone says they can't do the DANCE, tell them they CAN do the dance because "can't" doesn't occur in...
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    Hi, I'm new here :)

    Re: Hiya ppl Hi, I wouldn't know about June 1987 as I would only be 8 months old then :D :oops: Seems like a good board this, what other dance boards do you use?
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    Hi, I'm new here :)

    Hiya ppl Hi, I'm new here as well... was just going through google and I found it so here I am :) I have been line dancing for 6 years and choreographing but not for long! ASL: 16 - Male - East Yorkshire (UK) I think I'm the youngest here am I??? Anyway, just a big "HELLO!!!!!" to...
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    The Electric Slide

    The Electric Slide is old! should go line dancing now and see the new stuff! Wes! xxx ps. Are there any other line dancers on this board??? - Just curious! :D
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    "Saturday Night Fever" Line Dance

    Linedancing is ace! Hmmm.... Is Saturday Night Fever a film??? You could always ask this on the message board at as most of the visitors are line dancers! Wes! xxx
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    Linedance sites

    Hi, Here are some great line dance websites: Firstly, here's mine - :) all line dance stuff: Linedancer Magazine - large site: Kickit - for step sheets: You can find many other...