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    Viennese Showcase Music Help

    I am searching for a light and fun song to dance Viennese waltz to. I really love this song and want something that sounds similar. I would use this song but there are random switches out of 3/4 time and I can't figure out what other style of dance will fit there. Any ideas...
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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    Do you have any pictures? Would it look good if you added a fringe to the bottom to make the effect of it being longer?
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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    Okay, maybe toned down wasn't the right choice of words. I guess I just don't have the confidence to go out rocking the highlighter look yet. I think of myself as a more "classy" style dancer still learning how to own the dance floor. Not that there is anything wrong with bright dress that...
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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    I walked into a local fabric store today that is going out of business and may or may not have walked out with 3 yards of lime green lycra. (Okay, maybe I actually did walk out with the fabric but it was only $3 a yard, I couldn't help it!) That being said I don't know what I want to do with...
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    Dance Styles to Avoid

    I was at a dance competition recently and there was a preteen girl dancing with her dad- she was about half his height. That being said I think they were the only "true" competitors on the floor. They were doing smooth and had a modified hold to make up for the height differences but wow, they...
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Anyone know what song this Tango is?
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    Do different height shoes change how you dance?

    I don't think I could ever dance in heels over 2.5". My feet would kill me lol. I find a significant difference in stress put in my ankles and knees when I go from my 1.6" practice shoe to my 2.5" heels. Does anyone have experience in having a taller pair of dance heels cut down by a cobbler?
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    Smooth frame/posture

    Does anyone have suggestions on exercising while sitting to help your frame? I know this is a weird question but I ask because I usually spend 6-8 hours a day sitting in class. I am trying to think of things to do (discretely) to help me build good core muscles and help my dancing. Right now I...
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    Competition Hair

    So I am relatively new to the competition scene. So you want your hair to shine more? I just assumed the "shininess" level was just because of the amount of hairspray etc to keep all your hairs in alignment. But you will actually add extra product to make it shinier?
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    When you're off the beat

    Definitely going to try some of these. Thanks!
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    When you're off the beat

    I have had several coaches tell me it is always better to stop and restart than to continue being off the beat in competition. To echo what everyone else is saying it seems this is acceptable at the lower levels of competition but by the time you make open or gold you and your partner should...
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    When you're off the beat

    I like hearing everyones input. I tend to attempt to follow whatever someone leads me if I don't know the person. I find this really hard to do sometimes if their tempos are very variable on and off the beat. I still have trouble being a "good" follow and not anticipate. There have been...
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    When you're off the beat

    What do you do if you are dancing and your lead consistently loses the beat? (Social situations) Do you: A) call them out, pause and begin again B) follow whatever they lead C) dance to your own beat until they catch up D) refuse to dance with that person again
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    3 Capezio shoe styles side by side

    Thanks for posting the pictures, I like to compare where straps hit on my foot relative to others and it is often hard to tell from stock pictures. I have always been told that leather with stretch much more/faster than satin?
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    How long would you keep dancing if the song never ended?

    Good to know for the future. Just took us very off guard, we tried to get back to repeating our choreo but weren't very successful. All other heats for the day they stopped at the usual spot.