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    Need help on dancing!!!!:(:(

    lmao *falls out of chair*
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    Websites with basic hip hop dance moves

    Re: DELETE 30 thanks :) but hey when I go to that site the video doesn't play.. it says "Get Quicktime Viewer" but I already have Quicktime.. ehhhh :(
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    I want to learn how to dance like ....

    you could download the videos.. and make gifs. out of the dance segments.. for example that little dance segment in Ginuwine's "In those jeans" video
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    Websites with basic hip hop dance moves

    Hi pygmalion and thanks alot!! Ima check it out
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    Websites with basic hip hop dance moves

    I was looking for websites with basic hip hop moves that contained videos or descriptions.. None of the all out break dancing type stuff... Popping and slides will work though I guess.. but mostly I was looking for steps and so on..
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    Help Dancing!! A Rookie :\ (Hip-Hop Style)

    Hey I don't know how to dance at all really, but I'm interested in learning hip-hop style dance for clubs ASAP. Grinding in particular.. but other stuff is cool.. If anyone can help with words, links to videos, or anything let me know! Thanks...