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    Your thoughts on bunion surgery?

    I think bunion surgery is okay, since my dad had a bunion surgery before. I didn't see him feel anything strange since he had bunion thing.
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    Dancers and ugly feet

    I felt bad for your foot, I hope you can find a solution to make it look better.
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    Ouch!! New Shoes!!

    This is what i usually do when I have blister ff; 1. Give it Air 2. Bandage that Blister 3. Topical Cream 4. Elevate, Elevate, Elevate 5. Draining a Blister 6. Cushion the Injury 7. Soften the Area 8. Avoid Infection 9. Moisturize the Area 10. Have Patience
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    Flat feet/bunions and dancing other (non-partnered) genres

    @JANATHOME I hope you are feeling a little better and you found a solution already.
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    Your thoughts on bunion surgery?

    I agree, because after 3 to 4 years the pain is back again and needs to do the surgery.