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    Help with the music

    Here's ten favourite milonga, vals & tango...
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    Song Title Identification Thread

    This is the tune that agnoliM asks about: It's familiar and sounds to me like a slower version of "Las Campanas" recorded by Miguel Caló with Alberto Morel Any other ideas?
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    Song Title Identification Thread

    It's "Qué Noche", D'Arienzo [1937]
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    Berlin Tango

    Don't know if Tom had the same difficulty I did, but even having the address, hearing tango music wafting down from above, and being able to look up and see the dancers, it still took me about fifteen minutes to find the entrance to the stairs for TangoLoft. In the dark, it's not at all obvious...
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    Understanding Tango by understanding Ballet

    Can you explain "boleo en favor"? Google gives zero hits.
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    Dancing in Germany?

    As an out of country visitor, I liked the atmosphere of TangoLoft very much. Friendly, lovely decor, good wine, easy to get dances. Odd shaped room, but a fair bit of seating. I heard that Nou has a reputation as a place where the good dancers go, and there were some very nice dancers there...
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    Ladies that want to talk

    Is this chatting while you're actually dancing? Not just in the breaks between songs? I have four strategies which I pick from depending on how well I know the follower, whether she is a beginner or not, the venue, my mood, etc "Sorry, I can't talk and dance at the same time." Keep dancing...
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    I like this performance formula :-)

    FWIW, the track is "La calesita se destrozó", recorded by Rodríguez in 1937. Lomuto recorded it too, and that says Fox Trot on the shellac.
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    A tanda for...

    I don't think it's a great answer, but if I had to do a tanda using Merceditas using the tracks on hand, it would be something like: Aquellas Cartas (Maderna con Rivas, 1959) La Huella (Maderna, 1959) Pa' La Guardia (Maderna, 1959) Merceditas (Maderna con Rivas, 1958) I'd personally be pretty...
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    Tango or milonga?

    It's confusing, but I don't think that Milonga del Angel is a milonga - the rhythm is completely wrong. The website (mostly) agrees with this: see It's not really the vibe that gives it away either - milonga has a very specific rhythm that you'll come...
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    Istanbul Tango Festival

    I've done workshops with Michelle & Joachim in New Zealand and enjoyed them. I found them a fun couple, with clear teaching and well structured material. The only reservation would be if your student prefers sustained close-embrace - that isn't their style. Otherwise I think they'd be great for...
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    Song Title Identification Thread

    The song is Recuerdo, and it's a contemporary orchestra, but no idea which one.
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    Torso angle

    In my opinion. you really shouldn't have your right arm around the woman's waist. That's too low, and it will restrict her ability to dissociate (i.e. twist her body between the shoulders and the hips for ochos, giros, etc). Better to have it approximately along where her bra line is. As far...
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    A tanda for...

    I (independently) picked the same two instrumentals as UKDancer to complete the tanda: Color de rosa or El chupete. But I'd sequence it differently - I don't mind mixing an instrumental as the third song in the tanda to give the dancers a slightly different feel, but I like to let them know what...
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    Song Title Identification Thread

    De 6 A 7 (De seis a siete) - Miguel Caló with Raúl Iriarte, 1944