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    2005 Club Mayan Salsa Professional Competition

    Your guess is as good as mine. :roll:
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    Saturday & possibly Sunday Night!!!
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    2005 Club Mayan Salsa Professional Competition

    That's XACTLY Y Albert Torres has created a new division called Caberet Style Salsa. Wonder how many would actually enter that division or if they would simply stick to partner combos?
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    2005 Club Mayan Salsa Professional Competition

    I shall try to do that this weekend.
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    2005 Club Mayan Salsa Professional Competition

    I am glad to see the my post has created so much converstaion (unlike the other dance forums). Well, for those of you that are unclear as to how the judging works @ the Mayan... Qualifying is done by crowd. The Semis & Finals are supposedly judged by a panel. The panel is comprised or 3...
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    2005 Club Mayan Salsa Professional Competition

    Videos should be up shortly after the finals. Or you can go to the club like at 8pm for the lesson and they usually have the videos of the previous rounds playing on the screens.
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    2005 Club Mayan Salsa Professional Competition

    1st off, let me say that this years comeptition is the BEST that the Mayan has ever hosted. This year, the BEST of the BEST have decided to come out and compete for the $5,000 purse. Last night (4/23/05) was the Semi-final round, and believe me, it was the night that SEPERATED the BIG DOGS from...
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    Salsa Video Clip List

    :? Umm, I saw nothing WOWish about this video. I got bored after the 1st mintue. Nothing but solo breaks (shines) And the partner combos? :roll: BORING! Only part I did like was when the the guy did a Triple after the camera panned back on the couple after showing the two guys standing there...
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    Effects of Dancing with an Excellent Follow

    I would say NO. You want some1 that doesn't know your combo all to well. I've danced with a lot of professional women that can compensate for my MISTAKES. When they do that I don't know how I can correct them, becuase they Rn't evident to me. If a girl can explain how I can make my patern EZier...
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    How many times a week do you go salsa dancing?

    Mama Salsera knows my story... My first 2 years of SALSA, I was going 7 nights a week. My last 2 yeard, I've been averaging about 4 nights week.
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    Best Salsa Clubs In Your Area.

    This lists all the BEST CLUBS and the nights they go on in the Los Angeles Area: For NE1 coming to LA or those of you that are already here drop me a line to possibly hang out at a club.
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    Salsa summer splash at Doral resort !?

    The larger VENUE of the LA Congress is one of the best ORGANIZED I've seen. By far & large it is the BEST place to see SALSA of ALL types at their BEST! LA Salsa Congress IS THE WAY TO GO! :rocker:
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    Name That Song!

    OMG!!!! That's IT!!! Thanx a TON!!! U ROCK!!!
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    Name That Song!