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    Blog: Ballroom Talk

    An interview with one of the studio's students.... 'Life is a dance.'
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    Most Memorable Latin Performances

    My all time favorite is definitely this.
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    Blog: Ballroom Talk

    The new blog post has been published. The title is 'What I Love About Ballroom Dancing.' Studio students with different background share their thoughts on ballroom dancing.
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    Blog: Ballroom Talk

    The studio I take lessons at started to have a blog page on the studio website. ( The latest blog, the Healing Power of Dance, was posted a couple of days ago. ( Another blog was...
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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    Now I see it is in the Rule Book published in January 2018. On page 55, at the top of Appendix 1, it states 'The following is a list of the allowable figures, elements and or restrictions for the Closed Syllabus events at NDCA recognized Events. This list of allowable figures, elements, and...
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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    Well.... I guess using 'Bronze' and 'Silver' mean it applies to closed/syllabus heats.
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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    Oh! This applies to Opens, too? Thanks for the FB link. I just asked to join the group.
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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    Thanks! Where was this announced?
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    Modern Samba Songs

    There's a ballroom version of this song but the original is still very danceable.
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Thank you! :)
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Need help with this Cha Cha. The song is Sway but whose version is this?
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    Need to know if these songs work for my upcoming recital

    Good point! I myself is looking for a Waltz song, so I'm going to listen to the song I chose to see it fits your criteria.
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    Can I learn from how my shoes are wearing?

    I have the same problem with my left feet, and I recently realized it. The outside edge of my left shoe wore out a lot more. Aida sells replacement heel tips, so I replaced them. It's much cheaper than replacing the whole shoes.
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    Favorite dance song in a foreign language

    2 French songs.. Jive Tango
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    Boyko hair and makeup

    Boyko all the way! I have medium long hair and always have it done half up and half down. He always does something different with the 'up' part. He is so organized and professional, polite and funny... I've had Sylvia and Ollie as a makeup artist, and I like them both!