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    To partner or not? yikes

    I would do the christmas try out, and then you have choices - if Christmas gent might be better than summer gent. and if he's not the right fit for you - then you can go back to summer guy
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    What made you smile today?

    people showing their true colours
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    Striking Ballroom/Smooth Dress for Sale

    change in Price now £500
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    Striking Ballroom/Smooth Dress for Sale

    This dress is beautiful, moves beautifully and stands out from the crowd with startling red underskirt and vibrant stoned bodice. It was made by DSI – as to fit I’m not sure how best to give details – so here goes I’m 5’5 in heels and uk size 8 – don’t think it would go to more than a 10...
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    Rhinestone Question....

    I've used gem-tac but have converted to DSI glue - it has a thicker consistence which I find makes it much easier to get the correct coating as needed and it doesn't stay tacky like gemtac
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    Tango shoes

    Been there done that!!! :D
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    Tango clothes for social dancing

    and if this who I think it is - he has also been to a milonga in a kilt
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    Help! I need a latin dress...

    if your stomach hips and back are you what you want to show off - why not look at skirt and top - short halter neck top with hankerchief hem hipster skirt... not likely to find in a ballroom shop - but you might find something in a normal shop that you could glam up!
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    Ceroc - Modern Jive

    nice clips - James is fab!!! that said I'm not sure I would really class either of those dances as Modern Jive/Ceroc
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    Mens Ballroom Jacket Pattern

    that is indeed the plan!!
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    Mens Ballroom Jacket Pattern

    thinking more of plain jacket rather than tails and reason for not buying is to get it made in fabric to match exsisting kilt so far no joy with pattern :(
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    Mens Ballroom Jacket Pattern

    My dancepartner is wanting to get a jacket appropirate for dancing in to go with one of kilts we have a tailor who is prepared to do it just need to find a pattern So hoping someone here knows where we could get a pattern for a jacket from?? :flower:
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    the voices in your head

    you missed it!!! what the $£%%$^%$ was that?!?!? (my voice is rather brutal)
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    DSI glue gone white?!?!?

    Thankfully not my dress – my dance partners top. When I hand wash my dress it normally gets left in the water for about 15 minutes – never had this happen It was somewhere in between – the glue was white but kinda dry/brittle – not wet like when you are applying stones On the up side – I...
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    DSI glue gone white?!?!?

    I stoned a black stretch top - using DSI glue. Rather than washing it by hand I put it in lingere bag and did it in the washing machine - 30 degree wash and no-bio detergent and it worked in that the stones stayed on the top but the glue has gone all WHITE & BRITTLE!!!! and now the stones...