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    wcs beginner dvd's

    why is skippy's approach wrong acc to some wcs dancers Why is Skippy Blair's approach to wcs wrong according to some wcs dancers? I'm deciding whether to buy her dvd's. Is it her style? her technique? thanx. Yola
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    Does someone know these great salsa dancers

    that bacha was ugly.. omg.. that bacha was really ugly! look at her legs! it's like she's got to go or something.. i'm sorry.. have to agree with pacion and the rest... this dance, especially to this music should be sensual..
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    wcs beginner dvd's

    Yeeee:banana: i'ma gonna swing I'm going to check them out! Have to find out whether the dvd's are for this region (europe) as well. I'll let you know. thanx!
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    wcs beginner dvd's

    Hi there, i want to learn wcs. I know, teacher is best, but unfortunately there's no wcs community where i live. so, i'll have to make do with some dvd's. Any recommendations? (btw I dance several kinds of partner dances allready, so i'm familiar with different styles of leading-following...
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    Edie the Salsa Freak - World's Best Leads / Musicality

    I wonder how she selects the guys? just asks them after dancing with them locally? or does she get tips? I think it's a great idea (although 30 plus dvd's really is an investment if you want to buy them all..). The well known salseros/teachers or showguys are not álways the best leads. They're...
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    How serious is it to have the clave the wrong way?

    I think it's not tóo serious that he 'messed up'... it can happen. As long as he's comfortable in his teaching abilities, he won't mind making mistakes. But your other question: you cannot just 'turn the clave around'. There are more instruments, particularely in the rhythm section, that use a...
  7. Y is down?

    Marginally better: Now it does connect, but i get this message: 'Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later.'
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    floorcraft, people!!!

    Hi All! Most people think that floorcraft is the realm of the lead... i don't completely agree. of course it's his responsibility to lead the lady where she does not bump into other people. And to lead not launch the lady! But a lady can avoid a lot of collisions herself, by using proper...
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    Harry Potter Spoilers - After you have read book 6

    yeah i agree.. 'oh darling, i am doomed, because i have to complete this verrrry dangerous quest... can't have you hanging around...' 'ok darling, i understand. bye now and i'll be sure to put the kettle on for a nice cup'a when you get home..' can't believe she fell for it.. but, actually i...
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    Harry Potter Spoilers - After you have read book 6

    I'm so happy i waited to read the sixth book.. now i don't have to wait that long till the next!!
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    Harry Potter Spoilers - After you have read book 6

    Finally, i read it, too... immediately went on the internet to see what everybody is speculating and thinking... JKR says in an interview she's not 'pulling a Gandalf' on Dumbledore.. he really stays dead.. Yes, Harry's on his own now. I think Dumbledore knew about the unbreakable vow between...
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    Arabic influence on salsa

    salsa rai There is a song called Salsa Raï by Yuri Buenaventura. Great song! He's a Colombian singer, but lives in Paris (as far as i know), surrounded by immigrants from lots of different countries. His music has influences from all these musical traditions. One of my favourite artists (at...
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    Tumbao & Clave

    wow! salsamerlizer rocks! this can help too: go to el tattoo del tigre (great band by the way), enter the site, click on 'play' (sorry i can't give you the direct link) You can choose the instruments, together they'll play a funky mambo song.
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    Google Image Search Game practical joke? somebody suggested: bathroom for scottish men wearing kilts? next: slow, quick, quick ps: i don't know why i can't get the picture showing.. :-( can...
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    just curious.... is it ever possible to always look great no matter who your partner?

    I don't (by far) place myself equal to the big names. but i'm an advanced dancer in my neck of the woods, teaching and performing. When i dance with advanced leads, i just have fun, do what i want / feel like (within the limits of his lead, of course :raisebro:). I hope i look good doing that...