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    Salsa & Zouk in Suriname

    EMAIL FROM ZOUKLOVERS Hello Everybody, After receiving our party-agenda of February, we want to inform you about one of the big events Claudio Gomes & ZoukLovers will organize this year: A nice holiday to: Salsuri!, a Latin American dance festival in Suriname...
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    Zouk: anyone tried it?

    Try zouk in Amsterdam Claudio gomes he is one of the best I have seen and I have been dancing ozouk 7 years now. Also try Mallorca and barcelona, and london is know to most of you.
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    Zouk: anyone tried it?

    The quote should also mentioned that CLaudia de Vries has learned everything about dancing from Claudio Gomes. The bigger question is: Whyis it no where mentioned? Nowadays People that do not really dance give clases in her school . So be carefull if you want to take zouk at her place.