Dance Forums Guidelines

1. Members make up the dance forums and members are the most important part of all, with friendly and active participation strongly encouraged. We want your experience here to be enjoyable and informative.

2. The Dance Forums aims to provide quality information about partner dancing of all kinds in a friendly and supportive environment. We strive to answer every question or try our best to find the answer and, in order to ensure the quality of information provided on the Dance Forums, we strongly discourage speculation and gossip (offending other members, revealing personal or sensational facts about others, spreading rumors of personal/professional porno lives or reports of an intimate nature). Whether or not a story is believed to be true, if the individual is not here to corroborate, please refrain from speculation. In order to keep the Dance Forums clear of any controversy we strive to avoid being party to any unsubstantiated claims

3. All dance related topics and perspectives are welcome and we encourage a dynamic environment with debates, news, and personal stories. At the same time, all materials need to be appropriate for most readers including young dancers. Members of the Dance Forums may be as young as 13 and it is important that materials unsuited for children of this age not be posted on the Dance Forums.

4. Please do not engage in name calling, attacks on a person's character, deliberately inflammatory remarks, group stereotypes, or profanity (no matter how subtle – we take all such activities seriously). Please do not attempt to debate such posts. Please report abusive behavior to a moderator. Penalties for abusive behavior may result in deletion of your username, your posts, and banning your IP address.

5. There are several moderators in the Dance Forums. Any posts that do not belong will be removed as quickly as possible, and in some cases members’ posts may be edited. Generally, moderators will discuss the matter and try to come up with a solution that is appropriate to the situation. The moderators will strive to be as thoughtful and courteous as possible, and usually the member will be notified when this occurs. Dance Forums is run by an entirely volunteer staff, however, meaning that we may not always be able to send a PM to explain why a certain action was taken.

As such Dance Forums reserves the right to remove text from posts, lock topics or delete messages without explanation. In some instances, the member may receive a private message explaining the Moderator's position. Issues concerning moderation will NOT be discussed in the open forum. Please discuss such problems by sending a private message to a Moderator, or taking advantage of the Private Messages to Staff forum, wherein posts are only visible to the original poster and to the Dance Forums staff.

6. Please be courteous in your posting, by following these basics:
  • Do not title threads or post using ALL CAPS.
  • Place new threads in the most appropriate forum.
  • New threads should have a title which reflects the overall subject of the post (i.e. should not be vague).
  • Do not post duplicate threads in multiple forums. Our members will find your information if it is indeed pertinent to them and duplicate threads will be deleted at the very least.

7. Members must be a registered for 90 days and have a least 100 posts before they will be allowed to post a link. Posting commercial links or other self promotion in the discussion forums is not allowed. Because we strive to be a source of information, in most cases mentioning the name of the product or website (the url without the www, .com, .net, etc.) is permitted. While commercial links are allowed in the Events, Websites, and Ads forums, this opportunity is reserved for our active members and is governed by our advertising guidelines. In all cases please avoid posts that merely provide a link to another site. (ex. "Check this out: www. blah .com). At least give us a little information about the link and why it would be of interest and assistance to our members and readers. Similarly, commercial usernames are strictly prohibited. User names that correspond to an easily found commercial site, defined as a site that sells goods or services, that can be found using a "search engine" are prohibited. Please keep in mind that it is quite easy to promote a website, event, or business by participating in our ads program.

Note: in most instances posts whose primary purpose is to direct traffic off of Dance Forums will be considered spam and thus subjected to the same restrictions as any other commercial posting and advertising. Event organizers and persons affiliated with organizers are prohibited from promoting their event in the main forum. Exceptions can be made if you are a sponsor (advertiser) on Dance Forums. Otherwise, please refrain from posting in the main forum or bumping threads related to your event.

8. Rules governing use of signatures:
  • Signature may not take more than 4 lines of text including breaks. (DF Guidelines included in moderators’ signatures do not count against their four lines of signature.)
  • Pictures are not allowed because they are distracting, and can slow people's page load times. We have people in less developed countries on dialup or paying based on bandwidth.
  • No more than one link to a commercial site in the signature, and no more than 3 total links.

9. Your input contributes to making the forum a better place. If you see a way that we could improve Dance Forums, please send a private message (PM) to one of the moderators or post in the Private Messages to Staff forum. While we are always open to input, feedback, and suggestions, any and all questions about Dance Forums policies or procedures must to be directed to the staff privately.
  • Should there be a specific post you have made that you wish have edited or deleted by a moderator, kindly send a private message to the moderator for the forum in question. Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete more than just a couple of posts, as this is both time consuming for the staff who are volunteers, and could severely disrupt the forum itself. If many posts need to be edited, there will be a significant fee required to pay for the time of the staff to perform this function carefully so as not to disrupt the forum. Please be thoughtful of what you are posting so as to avoid a difficult situation regarding posts made in the past. 

10. Forum members are allowed one username. Multiple usernames not only create confusion but, also contribute to extra work load among staff members. Those found violating this Guideline will have their usernames merged under their original username. Knowingly disregarding this guideline (as well as other guidelines) could lead to an infraction or potential banning from Dance Forums. Should a situation arise where there is a reasonable excuse (such as a concern for safety) for changing a username then we will take it into consideration.

11. No one can make use of the Dance Forums name without prior consent. The term Dance Forums, dance-forums, and right to use it is the exclusive property (copyright and trademark) of the owner of this site.

Photo Album Guidelines:

1. WHEREAS, this forum promotes good, clean, and family oriented dance information; thusly, the Photo Album continues this tradition.

THEREFORE, Administrators may remove any photo deemed questionable from further viewing by the members of this forum.

WARNING: no porn, nudity, or distasteful photos as deemed inappropriate by the Administrators, will be allowed in the Photo Album. First offense by a member will be the last entry submitted by that member, as their membership will terminate immediately.

2. Moderation of content:

  • All photos will be subject to the same photo-policy on decency. Any photo that contains overtly sexual, hateful, or violent content, poses, or situations are forbidden.
  • Any nudity, artistic or otherwise is forbidden. Nudity for purposes of this forum is defined by the lack of covering one could reasonably expect to get from a swimsuit.
  • Photos that are not clearly in violation, but are suggestive or questionable should be sent to a moderator or admin to be put up for review by the board of moderators. Any photo a moderator feels is questionable will be hidden until it is reviewed by the board. Any photo that is in violation will be summarily deleted from the server, no notification, no exceptions. When a decision is reached on a photo put up for review, the poster will be contacted and informed of the decision and if the photo is approved it will be revealed. If the photo is denied it will be deleted from the server and the poster will be informed why the photo was refused.

3. Photos may not be posted for the purpose of escort financial gain (e.g. dresses for sale). However, there is a section in "Dance Ads" in the Dance Forums where such material is acceptable from regularly participating members.

4. Please do not post copyright material without appropriate permissions and credit (ideally via written consent of the owner).

  • While the administrators will always comply with reasonable requests to remove copyrighted images and material posted without permission, we do not and cannot be held responsible for the independent actions of our users.