Why you should advertise on Dance Forums

Why you should advertise on Dance Forums
Every year approximately 1,000,000 people visit Dance Forums resulting in over 3,000,000 visits comprising nearly 12,000,000 page views. People searching for dance music, dance wear, dance shoes, dance videos, dance instruction, dance studios and dance competitions arrive at Dance Forums every day.

It is becoming more difficult to get traffic for a good price, and rather than spending all your advertising dollars on Pay Per Click, which is often highly competitive with a low Return on Investment, Dance Forums is a wonderful alternative. You'll be guaranteed that a huge majority of people clicking on ads shown here Dance Forums are from actual dancers who have a greater chance of wanting to buy your products.

For a flat monthly fee you can bursa escort get a banner ad on this site. We think you will find a great value compared to what you have experienced elsewhere.

Here is brief overview of our rates, but feel free to contact us for more information, and note that our rates are subject to change, so please inquire today!

$60/month Graphical Banner Ads on the right side of all pages of the forum or $275 for 6 months (requires 125x125 jpeg image)These banners rotate and are displayed throughout the entire forum.

$250/ For two months Top Forum Banner (requires 523x80 jpeg) Space is limited for large banner.Contact us for details. This Banner does not rotate with other advertisers and is displayed throughout the whole forum.

$90/ month Footer Banner. This banner does not rotate and displays throughout the entire forum.

Contact Us For More Details
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