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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    If it's a USA Dance competition, Progressive Chasse to the Right can be used in Bronze and up. They have it as an additional note in their WDSF syllabus. I assume that the 'Hesitation' is 4-6 of a Natural Turn. It's slow and has a heel pull, so there is a tendency to use that name, but it's...
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    Whisk in American Smooth

    I feel like this could cause offense if you don't know the people in question. I know some ladies who only lead because there aren't enough guys and would be happy to get to follow. I know others who prefer to lead or enjoy doing both roles, and I wouldn't dream of cutting in in that case.
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    Experience at Arthur Murray and Questions about Indie Studios in DC

    I think you're overthinking things. I often ask people how they are doing, especially if they're new, and every time I dance with someone I try to say encouraging words. I didn't start that long ago, and still remember clearly how much it helped me to feel welcome at that time. It's very...
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    Dance Schools can be disasters for the lonely and vulnerable

    Good advice~ This I don't mind. I guess it's technically off-topic but it contributes to a friendly atmosphere rather than strictly professional. It's not like they're being exclusive, and it was an interesting if unintended reference. The forums are pretty quiet anyway otherwise.
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    age category question

    Or ignore the studio and do USA dance competitions anyway! :D
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    How do you select your competitions ?

    No one individually has been to every single competition all over the country, but as a collective it's likely that someone knows of a comp that has a non-trivial field for any given demographic. If you're not comfortable giving this general information, it's fine. But then I'm not sure how...
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    (Dance) Partners: for better or worse

    I think it's reasonable for people to objectively discuss progress over dinner, but I don't think that's what was happening here. Based on newbie's description, his partner's reaction seemed quite emotional. She refused the dance, said nothing over the course of around 15 minutes, followed by...
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    How do you select your competitions ?

    He is just asking in order to try point you to competitions that may have more competitors in your age/level bracket. Different competitions may have different types of people attending, I assume.
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    Mixed Open Division--Could it be a thing?

    I like this idea. Personally, as a new dancer looking for competitions to attend, I found the fine-grained divisions in NDCA to be a bit confusing and a big turn-off. I want large fields and more competition! :D
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    what is pro-am dancing ?

    Although I agree with you in principle, I don't think it's good form to necro a seven-year-old thread over what appears to be one small statement at the end of a long response. Particularly because that statement is no longer relevant, as USA Dance has changed their costume regulations in the...
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    OK, thanks~ I must be a little slow today, but I thought I might be missing out on some sweet tech :D
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    Forgive my noobness, but I've never heard of people using things like these in a competition before. I've heard of a sort of bar used to keep the frame up, but only in the context of building muscle memory while training. Does anyone know if they work, i.e., can they actually fool the judges?
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    Is ballroom dance standardization a form of appropriation?

    Ironically, one of the best ways to spark a discussion about something :P
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    USA Dance Pro Division

    I get judging, since I assume you have to be quite good to be asked to do that. But I feel like teaching and coaching can cover a wide range. Especially at a college/university level. A silver level dancer can be teaching a beginner the basics, but that doesn't make the former a pro.
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    Things you have forgotten to bring

    I wonder if men's socks are thicker and less slippery on average than women's? I've found my socks to actually have a slightly better grip than my shoes, depending on how worn they are.
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    I'm not sure that's how I read it. OP essentially asked if his experience of finding some dances easier was typical. The answer seems to be yes, but not necessarily in that order. The argument is mostly over what the average order is, rather than being a judgement of OP's abilities...
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    As a relatively new leader myself, I think I find more success in leading when there isn't an expectation of doing a particular routine. Whenever I start doing a routine and deviate in the middle, the follower usually continues on with the routine. On the other hand, they are often more...
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    Competition eligibility

    The shady part isn't the creation of a new account. It's the use of multiple accounts to agree with yourself, and then proclaiming "Look at these people who agree with me! Those who do not are obviously wrong!" The funny thing is that no one is disagreeing with you. At least in the sense...
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    Competition eligibility

    OK, this is kind of weird, but does anyone get the sense that all of these posts were written by the same person? They all have the same run-on sentence structure, similar vocabulary, and similar typos. Both of the latter two accounts were created on Tuesday, as if OP was not satisfied with...
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    I am not a doctor, but based on your writing (particularly about going four days without sleep) I get the impression that you may be some degree of manic or bipolar. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if it's not disrupting your life. But I would caution you to stay conscious of your...