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    A good start to the week

    On my desk at the office I have two cup: one for coffee and tea, and the other for loose change. So this morning the inevitable happened. I dropped and handfull of change, pocket lint and all, into a half cup of coffee. Sometimes you know early what the tone of the week is going to be.
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    The voice of an angel at the pool

    So, there I was last night swimming laps at the YMCA. The lifeguard was a college age girl who has been working there for a couple of years. It was late and I was the last one in the pool. My last few laps I switched to an easy resting stroke, which happens to be quieter and keeps my ears out...
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    Wisconsin State 2009

    Anyone else thinking of going to WI State Competition in Milwaukee in April? Or Twin Cities Open in July?
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    The worst invention in computer science ...

    ... has to be the icon. Hieroglyphics is a 3000 year old technology. Early civilized people invented the alphabet because hieroglyphics suck. Who in the world thought it would be a good idea to litter a computer interface with dozens of stupid little meaningless cartoon pictures? Idiotic...
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    Moments of Peace

    - A table by the coffee shop window with a cappucino and an alternative newspaper. - Watching a satellite bisect the Summer Triangle. - Three or four friends and a pitcher of beer. - Sunrise from above the tree line on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. - Gas in the tank, snacks...
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    Tall skinny smart guys ...

    ... are back in power!
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    Dancing in the sand: a true story

    True story from about two years ago. Just received a new sailing magazine that had a picture of people dancing on a beach and it reminded me of this. The scene: an open air bar at a resort on the island of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. There are sixteen of us, the full crews of two 40...
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    Who We Are

    I went to a competition in Minneapolis last night, the Snow Ball. It’s a nice, one-day event. I wasn’t competing, just went to cheer on the home team. My teacher and future partner were there, both breathtakingly beautiful, as always. There were many familiar faces of people I see at every...
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    A Neat Switch

    So there I was on the dance floor bustin' moves in a cha-cha. I led a double-walkaround I think it's called, wherein we do a right crossover then we both let go and turn in opposite directions then come back together. it was a crowded floor and the couple next to us apparently did pretty much...
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    My new Dance Partner, Part 2

    I've mentioned her before. I dance with her pretty often in practice parties and we pair up in classes. Now, there are many very talented ladies that I dance with at the studio. They come in different shapes and sizes and they're all wonderful to dance with. But there is something about this...
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    The Unwritten Social Contract

    The Unwritten Social Contract Reading over many current and old threads, one theme comes up over and over again from the very oldest threads to the newest. In dancing we get into each other's personal space in a way that most of us would consider strange, offensive, or even threatening in...
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    Adventures at the coffee shop

    True story, happened about a year ago. To set the scene: my favorite coffee shop in Saint Paul (Dunn Bros. at Grand Ave. for those in the area). There’s a serving counter where you order and pick up your drink. Across from the serving counter is another counter with caps, stirrers, napkins...
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    My new dance partner

    I seem to be luckier than I deserve in dance partners. First, by getting set up, completely by chance, with a phenominally talented and charming teacher (about whom I have previously bragged on and on until I'm sure everyone was sick of hearing it). And second, I've been taking international...
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    A Brief Analysis of Archetypal Differentials

    From a quantum-electrodynamical perspective, the proportion of tuber-related rhetorical exigencies, except in Cincinatti and parts of Idaho*, to the incidence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, taking into account all sources of measurement uncertainty (with particular consideration given to...
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    Reached a milestone this week

    First shoe repairs. Had to get after the soles with a few drops of superglue. I guess I've been putting those boats to work. Early on for a while I used bowling shoes (black, not the typical maroon and white). At a beginner's level they work pretty well because the front half is made to...
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    Why did the ferret cross the road?

    It was duct-taped to a chicken. Thank you, you're wonderful. I'm here till Friday. Don't forget to tip your waitress. Good night, Peoria, drive safe.
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    Dancing Scene in Boston

    I'll be taking a business trip in May. Can anyone in DF land recommend a studio that hosts group classes or practice parties? Or maybe nightclubs that host classes. Ballroom, swing, salsa, any of those.
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    Dance songs from the margins

    I tried to find danceable songs that are not normally heard in the studio. It's hard to find music at the right tempo if it's not specifically intended for dancing. Some of these work better than others. Any opinions? I'd like to know what all y'all think. Further to Fly - Paul Simon -...
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    This is what it's about.

    Perusing an old thread (I won't tell you which one) I came across this nugget from our very own Fascination from about three years ago: "... I think one of the gifts that ballroom has given me is a new respect for the kind of elegance that I myself had lost in my daily life ..." Gotta tell...
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    This week's ego boost.

    In some dances I am marginally advanced bronze. Under duress my teacher can get me to do a silver step, if the moon lines up with the major planets. In most dances I am more like lead than bronze. So, there I am at a practice party. We're swapping partners left and right with reckless...