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  1. Grateful

    Beginner's Hell thinking of quitting Tango

    The "being helpful" can be something that I'll ask him to try, so I can "get" his lead. I am also very mindful on how I phrase things just so not to irritate him, but it doesn't work. I might ask him if he can give me his hand lead a half a step earlier cos the way we do it, I get "off" or...
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    Beginner's Hell thinking of quitting Tango

    I am very cautious when dancing with my husband. I have much more passion & drive to dance. I want to have great technique, he doesn't really seem to care about that part as long as he knows the steps & what cues to get the follow to follow. If I try to be helpful, in any way, he takes it the...
  3. Grateful

    Rate solo dancing

    It almost seems like they are trying to imitate a choreographed dance. There are times when they do the same moves at the same times. I think it is very bad, yet very entertaining, esp. if you like to people watch.
  4. Grateful

    Cushioning on the bottom of dance shoes?

    That's what I thought they looked like too but I know I wouldn't want them on my dance shoes!
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    multiple teachers/coaches

    My husband & I take privates from 1 instructor mainly. There are 5 awesome instructors available at this studio & guest coaches a couple times a month. We took a private from a different instructor once when our usual one was on vacation. I took a solo private once with a different instructor...
  6. Grateful

    has anyone ever returned to a patnership or instructor that they left?

    My husband & I may have to quit because I quit my job & we won't have the funds to continue But we love our instructor & the studio & will go back as soon as finances allow.
  7. Grateful

    Ballroom Dress Alterations

    Some dry cleaners do alterations. Their expertise varies greatly though. I had 1 place where I use to live that I'd trust with anything, but the place where I live now, (different state), I only allow them to do basic stuff to clothes that I'm not too concerned about.
  8. Grateful

    Dancing for fat girls

    I vote, dance & who cares what other people think. If it makes you happy, it'll be more likely to motivate you in other areas. There are many health benefits associated with dancing. Life is too short to waste it on worrying about petty people's perception of you.
  9. Grateful

    When can I suggest competing?

    Also consider that he could want to compete but can't really afford to or dedicate the time to do so. I would love to compete. My husband has no desire to compete, but he still wants to learn to dance with me. Unfortunately, we can't afford for me to take "extra"' separate lessons with a...
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    Why did you select your teacher?

    My husband & I take lessons from a franchise that is located near the Costco we go to & they advertise there. He surprised me with a couple's beginner's package because he knew I'd always wanted to try it but never had a willing partner. When he called the studio, they set up who our instructor...
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    Just Curious... How did you find Dance Forums?

    I Googled "Dance forum". Brought me right here.
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    dress too sexy for tango?

    I think it's perfect as long as she doesn't step on it. Personally, when I dress to be sexy, I try to make 1 part sexy (in this case the high slits n the skirt part of the dress) & the other part more modest (the higher neckline). This way it's just right, sexy but not slutty. It's still classy.
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    Me either.
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    Have You Had A Change In Preference?

    Le Fer Hall. The beautiful Italian Renaissance architecture of Le Fer Hall makes any event memorable. Construction on this palatial building lasted from 1921 to 1923. Primarily French Renaissance revival in its warm brick, it contains the classical balustrades of the balconies and decorative...
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    Have You Had A Change In Preference?

    When I was in college, my dorm room was directly above the Grand Ballroom. I must have quiet to study. I noticed music from time to time, during the week so I eventually went down to investigate. To my pleasant surprise they were giving Country Line dance and Swing lessons for FREE!!! I went to...
  16. Grateful

    How can leaders lead better?

    Oh I am very patient. I want this to continue for our entire lives. I bite my tongue a lot & try to only say encouraging things. The thing that really makes him commit to going is that the cost of privates is the same for 1 of us as it is if we go as a couple so he feels he is wasting money if...
  17. Grateful

    Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

    Hot thermally. The theme was the "Top Hat" movie with Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers from 1937. So long, flowy, feathers galore. I even had lace gloves on.
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    Years on Dance Forums

    Maybe about 15 minutes I've been reading & learning a lot here for about 2 months though.
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    Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

    Our studio had a themed dance party & my husband & I won "Best Costume". I didn't get a pic because I took it off as soon as I could cos it was really hot.
  20. Grateful

    Why do you love dancing?

    I like challenging myself & I know there's enough with learning to dance to keep me busy & challenged for the rest of my life. There is always something to improve upon.