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  1. kckc

    exposing too much when dancing

    I know exactly the video you are talking about- I just saw it yesterday and was aghast. It was extremely, um, anatomical- it wasn't just a vague outline or imagination. The dress was black but the bodysuit was nude, which I have never understood (nude bodysuits, that is. Match the bodysuit to...
  2. kckc

    Dress Colour Combinations

    The paua shell is cool with the jade. The pink and green flower pattern is nice also, assuming it works with one of the purples.
  3. kckc

    Things you never want to hear again

    Only if all the pros say "Get your big ol' puppet head out of my way".
  4. kckc

    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    What Cornutt said. I had a coaching session with a judge/invigilator yesterday and he said this is precisely why it needed to happen.
  5. kckc

    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    I'm not sure what you mean by "Opens" but it is just Bronze and Silver closed divisions that are affected. When I said a mixture of closed and open, I just meant not traditional ballroom closed hold but still in the silver syllabus.
  6. kckc

    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    This is how I found out about it. DP and I had tweaked our routines awhile back so that we specifically didn't start in closed hold because it was snooze-worthy, but after going through our routines this week, we only had to re-tweak a few pieces...
  7. kckc

    Nashville Starz 2018 - Roll Call

    Everyone I know who has attended loved it, and all agreed that the competition is FIERCE there.
  8. kckc

    Smooth dresses for sale

    Keep an eye on your PMs...
  9. kckc

    Smooth dresses for sale

    I have 2 lovely dresses for sale: Fabulous red, re-imagined Designs by Lyn dress, size M-L. Stones include Lt. Siam, Lt. Siam ab, and crystal ab, in addition to large sew-ons. The diagonal straps were added and can be shortened or removed. Cup size B-C but cups could be changed, or wear your...
  10. kckc

    Ladies dance wear for practice and parties

    For some reason this ended up pasted in another thread! Anyhoo... As FF said, D-A holds up well. I haven't heard of those other brands- I know what I must do today! One inexpensive option I've had great success with is Chico's skirts, mostly on eBay. I've found panel skirts and gored skirts...
  11. kckc

    DWTS Season 24

    ok, I hate my tablet! Obviously my previous post was meant for a different thread. Um, DWTS, I'm disappointed but not surprised at the results.
  12. kckc

    DWTS Season 24

    As FF said, DA holds up well. I haven't heard of those other brands- I know what I must do today! One inexpensive option I've had great success with is Chico's skirts, mostly on eBay. I've found panel skirts and gored skirts with plenty of volume for practice and parties, both short and long...
  13. kckc

    DWTS Season 24

    Yes, sadly I must agree about Val/Normani, even though they are my favorites by far. Len was absolutely right about the VW. It was too fast-paced, and without a skirt, it just wasn't Vw-ish. I've read that the pros have input on the costumes, but I suspect the music is mostly "take it or leave...
  14. kckc

    Can I learn from how my shoes are wearing?

    Both my dance and street shoes were wearing down like that. It is not a good thing. You'll eventually start to have foot and ankle pain due to over-straining the outside of your leg/ankle/foot and you might actually roll your ankle at some point (not necessarily during dancing). YMMV
  15. kckc

    DWTS Season 24

    I agree, and I think David must have a huge fanbase.
  16. kckc

    DWTS Season 24

    While I think she should have been in the finals, I can't say I'm surprised about Simone, nor was I about Heather. They were just kind of...there...and nothing else. Personally, I think Normani blows them both away. It was certainly be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  17. kckc

    Competitive Dancing: Has "Presentation" been sacrificed for power and speed?

    I was just getting ready to disagree slightly with IL about gymnastics and figure skating when I see that she fixed it :) I'm not interested in watching those anymore precisely because of the lunge towards all show and no artistry. Ice dancing is still enjoyable because it seems to be precisely...
  18. kckc

    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    I'll give it a shot :) There are a few videos on YT of them dancing to Cuando Te Beso by Raul di Blasio and/or Juan Luis Guerra. There are some spots in the piano section past 1:00 that sound like Fields of Gold.
  19. kckc

    Things you have forgotten to bring

    My "A" game...
  20. kckc

    Stoning Colours

    My immediate thought when you said flourescent green was Peridot (not AB). Depending on what you are wanting (just blend in shimmery? depth? both?), you might look at Olivine (yellow-green) or Fern (more emerald-like). A wild-card color but super cool is Vitrail medium, which would be awesome on...