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    salsa title

    The music actually sounds live. . . . But like the rest, I cant identify it. It sounds like lots of songs just from that clip.
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    Leaders: Varying your lead style

    Well I first ask (w/ my fingers) if she wants to do on1 or on2. Then from there, I start of in slot. If she wanders off, then i adjust to a new slot. Everything else depends on her comfort/skill level.
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    First time at a Congress

    Dont blame yourself. Juan Matos is a lazy leader. He expects his followers to know what he is thinking!! Super Mario is the bomb!! Hes a cool cat also. From what I've been told, he does a great job at leading.
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    I am currently listening to ...

    Never heard of them. Will be lookin out for them At the moment, Im hearing this rare (very rare in fact) classic: Joey Pastrano - Rumbon Melon
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    hey, Chicago Salser@s

    Yeah, I was in town for a reunion and went to Rumba w/my out of town friends who dont salsa. I had fun dancin w/ BrookeErin :P Good luck on ur job huntin and hope u get one in Chicago !!
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    CDs to get your collection started

    I heard about that!!! Im actually waiting until it drops in price or someone is selling it used.
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    Congress experiences

    Hey, I was dancing .. . .not watching the band :P
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    Congress experiences

    I also forgot to mention that I went to Hollywood. They had a great Music Store there with an awesome(n I mean AWESOME) salsa/afro-carribean music selection. It was like I was at a candy Store . . . .and i think I bought too much candy (23 CDs!!)
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    Congress experiences

    I had a blast at the Congress. The only person that I saw most of the time was Africana (im very sorry about the last dance, but i thought u just left, so i asked someone else). Africana showed me Beto, but he was busy talking to his people so I went back dancing. OK, Leah says I danced...
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    Best Salsa CDs?

    another nice compilation to add to Borinkens reconmendation is: Salsa Explosion;;55
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    Salsa song with Rumba intro?

    The song is also called Lindo Yambu. Its found on his Master Session, Vol 1 CD
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    Salsa song with Rumba intro?

    The song your thinking of is Cachao - Ave Maria Morena
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    It was an action shot. It was me doing a double or triple spin. My friend got the end of it!!
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    Ok, i finally got my logistics down. Im going to be staying at the Road Side Inn. (that place next to the congress) Heres my pic. Dont u love the pink tie??
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    You know you have improved when.......

    When your good friend, the one who introduced you to salsa, asks if you can teach him some of your moves!!
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    Im defintely going to b there. Just gettin my logistics down. And I wont settle for just one dance w/ u :twisted: :twisted: !! :lol: :lol:
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    I will "Defeat" Operation Setback!

    LOL :lol: :lol:
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    I know u TICA!!! Last Time I saw u was at San Diego in Jan. We Ecuadorians r crazy!! Guyz, I have to double-stress what youngsta said: U MUST dance w/ TICA. Its definetely an experience!!
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    I will "Defeat" Operation Setback!

    Why not try to dance to different type of Salsa songs for ur on2 experience?? Try some Latin Jazzy types (Cal Tjader. Mongo Santamaria) or try some NY Salsa (Alegre All-stars). That way, whenever u hear these types of songs, you'll b "programmed" to dance on2!!
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    Salsa (and related) Recordings 2003/2004

    Re: Anthony Blea y Su Charanga Never heard of them. Will have to keep an eye out for them. As for charanga bands, I would recommend orquesta broadway. In particular their cd "Como Me Gusta" is one awesome cut!!