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  1. TimJ

    NDCA Rule Rescinded: No more amateurs in Pro/am events

    Nobody is preventing an Amateur from turning Pro. If you want to do Pro-Am as a Pro then turn Pro. When you move out of your parents house do you get to keep your allowance? If you want to keep your Amateur status and dance as an Amateur then you are an Amateur, if you want to dance as a Pro...
  2. TimJ

    Level of amateur dancing in the U.S.

    Ballroom dancing in the US is not treated as a sport by many of the people involved in it, both those competing, socially dancing and esp those running the governing bodies. It is instead treated as either a social activity or a business. It has become such a lucrative business that it would...
  3. TimJ

    IDSF Ruling on Passports--Impact on USA Dance

    While I do understand that there are a lot of dancers in the US who are not US citizens, I do not see a problem in requiring a dancer to be a citizen of the the country they wish to represent in a world event. There are many Hockey players who play on US teams who go back to Canada & Russia to...
  4. TimJ

    Building stamina for competition

    Stamina is not something that you can achieve by doing rounds the week before a competition. Dancing requires the use of both Anaerobic and Aerobic Training. For your Aerobic Training you should be increasing your heart rate between 70% to 80% above base for at least 20 minutes with a warm up...
  5. TimJ

    Ballroom Dancing in Philadelphia

    Here is a partial list of studios in the Philadelphia area, just Google the name of the studio to get their website for more information. Society Hill Dance Academy - Social focused studio with open parties on Thursday nights. Academy of Social Dance - Competitive & Social focused studio...
  6. TimJ

    2010 USA Dance Nationals in Los Angeles

    The United States Dance Championships is an NDCA sanctioned competition and is the National Championship event for Pro & Pro/Am events. This is also were the United States representatives to the World Professional Championships are chosen. American Style is hardly a social style of dancing...
  7. TimJ

    USA Dance Nationals 2010--maybe Orlando?

    Larger cities are considerably more expensive than smaller cities to hold a competition in. There is also a Collegiate National Championship held in Ohio during Ohio Star Ball that is the Nationals for the Collegiate dancers.
  8. TimJ

    Finding Partner & Dancing Budget

    If your coach is acting in his/her best interests and not your best interests then it is time to move on. A good coach cares about their student and will be supportive of their goals. If you have a coach who is supportive and you want to keep taking lessons with that coach then do so, if...
  9. TimJ

    What would you dance to this song?

    I agree with LauraB, Society Timing Foxtrot. Bronze American Foxtrot with each step 1 count. I've done this for quite a few of my wedding couples. I have never told a wedding couple "this song is not danceable", I will always find a way to put something together for their song. It's their...
  10. TimJ

    2009 USA Dance Nationals

    Seeing as how USA Dance has gone to great lengths (and a lot of work) to change their rules to match those of the IDSF we can hardly blame them for the naming conventions used. I also would like to see that discussion held at Nationals posted as I and my partner decided to take some time off...
  11. TimJ

    2009 USA Dance Nationals

    In figure skating the naming of the levels has nothing to do with age other than the fact that as you progress you are also getting older. The USFSA levels are Pre-preliminary, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior. Those are the levels for competing for all...
  12. TimJ

    Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

    I help out the University of Pennsylvania Ballroom Team and have setup donations for them before. I also used to help out the University of Delaware team and still do work with them sometimes and they accept donations as well. Both teams will accept costumes in any condition as they both work...
  13. TimJ

    uh no - it's not fantasy

    Just look at Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. No relationship at all between them, some accounts even say that they didn't even get along personally. She was technically one of the least proficient dancers he ever danced with yet their partnership is remembered before any of his other partners...
  14. TimJ

    Height is it an issue in standard/smooth ?

    I am 5'4" and my partner is 4'11" and we compete in Amateur Smooth and have never had a problem with our height. If you feel height is a limiting factor then you are only limiting yourself.