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    Finding balance... what is it?

    Hm. For example, even something as simple as a fan hip twist. The man leads the lady to hip twist, when she is technically "settling" into her right side. Then she must wait for the man's lead to step forward on her left foot. The moment when the man leads her from her right side onto her left...
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    Finding balance... what is it?

    Balance is one of those things where I get conflicting information all the time. The lady and man ideally both need to be "balanced" and able to stand on their own two feet... but then there are also steps where you are SUPPOSED to use each other's weight and it seems like you would be OFF...
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    kinda dumb question but...

    without seeing your feet, i can't say what the issue is, but i'd actually guess that the problem is a strength problem and not a flexibility problem. do lots of releves and other foot exercises -- try looking on youtube for ballet feet exercises. calf strength is also important, as is...
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    did you ever have this happen to you?

    Not exactly the same, but in Michael and Joanna's show at BADC a while back, she went down for a drop and somehow her heel caught on his shirt. She tore a gaping hole right through it. He played it off like "whatttt" while she acted like "come on let's get this show on the road!" It was actually...
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    Attach fringe

    Reviving this old thread with a fringe question... I recently bought chainette fringe from DSI to attach to one of my dresses. I had planned to attach very small pieces of fringe as suggested in this thread. However, the fringe is looped, not loose, at the end, meaning that the entire fringe is...
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    Standard Shoes - court only?

    I would recommend getting a court shoe with a strap or, if you don't like the look of the strap, with a clear strap to keep your foot in the shoe. While theoretically I suppose you could dance standard with a smooth shoe, I think the lack of support around the middle of the foot would be a...
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    How do you select your competitions ?

    Ignoring the possibility that Lai Lai is a troll, I'd posit that Lai Lai simply doesn't know very much about the way ballroom competitions are organized or scrutineered or the way in which results are compiled. Lai Lai, if you can write a program to pull and compile all ballroom competition...
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    Dance Navigation?

    Has anyone ever bought a dress from before? The site looks legitimate... but it's all in Japanese with no English translation so I'm a bit wary of trying it.
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    Competition Outfit: to what extent is a practice dress ok?

    There was a girl who went to BYU Nationals this year dancing in Championship Amateur Latin who wore a dress from Miari (a practicewear brand based in Brooklyn) and had it very heavily stoned, like all over, in Crystal AB. With some flashy accessories, for all intents and purposes it looked like...
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    Starting a new collegiate competition

    One thing that you could consider at least for the first year is to host a syllabus/beginner's competition. It will be smaller and the costs will likely be significantly less (less space needed, fewer awards required, etc.). It could be a good way to test the waters and see what your potential...
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    Do you order dancewear and shoes from overseas?

    for everyone who has bought things from overseas, why is it that sometimes you get charged a customs tariff and sometimes you don't? i bought a costume from a woman in london and got hit with a huge customs bill, but i've bought other costumes/shoes from england with no customs bill. do some...
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    Provo/BYU/NDCA Nationals Costume Thread

    ok, this was very helpful! thanks all :)
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    Provo/BYU/NDCA Nationals Costume Thread

    So for the "regular cut dance trunks," my confusion is as to whether they require the shorts to be cut boyshort style in the back, or whether bikini style cuts are allowed. (i.e. how much coverage you need in the back of the dance trunks for it to be "regular cut".) I googled around for pictures...
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    Provo/BYU/NDCA Nationals Costume Thread

    Yes, here are the rules: These are the relevant ones: 1. Regular cut dance trunks and fishnet hose must be worn (Fishnet hose will not be required for the Ballroom style). 2. Straps over both shoulders of at least...
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    Provo/BYU/NDCA Nationals Costume Thread

    Hello all, I looked back through the previous threads but couldn't find anything specifically on this topic, so a few quick questions if anyone knows the answer: 1. For the BYU Nationals, the costume rules say "regular cut" briefs for ladies -- does this mean both bikini and boy cut briefs are...
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    Competitive Ballroom and Latin in Hong Kong

    What is the competitive scene like in Hong Kong? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like a a few of the world's best Latin amateur couples currently live in Hong Kong (Morten and Roselina, Luca and Alessandra, Yuliya and Denys). Are there a lot of studios and a growing competitive presence there?
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    Competition Hair

    Does anyone have any ideas for how to do half-up half-down hair the way Daria Chesnokova wears it? It looks like it's sectioned off in the front and then tied into little ponytails at the crown of her head. Is it that simple or am I missing something?
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    Do you order dancewear and shoes from overseas?

    My favorite overseas site is dance-shop . com. They stock most of the major shoe brands (Aida, Supadance, Ray Rose) and their pricing is far cheaper than ordering in the US.
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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    I dislike T-straps for exactly this reason. I think that most people who wear T-straps have extremely high arches so they need help keeping their feet in the shoes. Unfortunately that's not a problem most of us have. I also thought that the shoe you mentioned is much tighter in the toe box area...
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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    That would be great! Is the shipping ok from Italy? I was gonna order from Danceshopper since they also have a sale going this weekend.