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    Finding balance... what is it?

    Balance is one of those things where I get conflicting information all the time. The lady and man ideally both need to be "balanced" and able to stand on their own two feet... but then there are also steps where you are SUPPOSED to use each other's weight and it seems like you would be OFF...
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    Dance Navigation?

    Has anyone ever bought a dress from before? The site looks legitimate... but it's all in Japanese with no English translation so I'm a bit wary of trying it.
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    Provo/BYU/NDCA Nationals Costume Thread

    Hello all, I looked back through the previous threads but couldn't find anything specifically on this topic, so a few quick questions if anyone knows the answer: 1. For the BYU Nationals, the costume rules say "regular cut" briefs for ladies -- does this mean both bikini and boy cut briefs are...
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    Competitive Ballroom and Latin in Hong Kong

    What is the competitive scene like in Hong Kong? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like a a few of the world's best Latin amateur couples currently live in Hong Kong (Morten and Roselina, Luca and Alessandra, Yuliya and Denys). Are there a lot of studios and a growing competitive presence there?
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    Working with international designers

    Can anyone share an experience they've had working with overseas designers? I paid my (rather large) deposit three months ago and have been waiting patiently for my sketch but haven't received anything. They got in touch a few weeks ago to say that they would be working on it, but I've messaged...
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    Summer Sizzler 2016

    Is registration for this open anywhere? It's coming up pretty soon and I haven't seen registration on o2cm or any entry forms.
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    Cushioning on the bottom of dance shoes?

    After browsing through some photos of Latin dancers on Facebook, I noted that they very interestingly sometimes have these extra cushion-looking things on the bottoms of their dance shoes. Here's an example...
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    Go Pro or Stay Am?

    Something interesting about the partner search process that I've noticed is that many amateur women are looking for partners, and many professional men are also looking. However, due to the amateur/professional divide, they usually end up not trying out. Does anyone have any thoughts or theories...
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    Smooth Standing Spins!! Help :(

    Does anyone have any tips on getting smooth standing spins? First issue we have is that the leader tends to get dizzy, and second issue is that we're not quite able to stretch enough to get the shapes we want. Maybe it's a posture/weight balance issue?
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    Spins on the Wrong Foot: Technique, Tips?

    I'm working on wrong-footed spins and can't seem to get it! Does anyone have any advice, tips, or technique? What I mean when I say wrong foot is turning clockwise while standing on the left foot, or turning counterclockwise while on the right foot. I know it's not common but I have some parts...
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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    I've noticed that IDS (International Dance Shoes) and Aida have recently been trying to get higher name brand recognition through sponsorships. I never thought of IDS as an elite Latin brand before, but they're sponsoring a few very good couples. I've tried Ray Rose and Aidas before and...
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    Time to switch coaches??

    I am in an amateur partnership and feeling frustrated with my dancing. I practice on my own and my partner and I practice together, but I just feel like my dancing is getting worse instead of better (poor posture, bad lines, etc.). Could this be due to coaching? Is it time to switch? My partner...
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    Big Apple Dancesport Challenge 2014.2

    Who is going to the December edition of BADC this year? Any guesses on who the show couple is?
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    How to break up with a dance partner?

    Any tips?
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    Stoning my dress! Help picking stones?

    Hi everyone, I'm stoning gold lace on my cream-white Latin costume and so far have bought 10 gross of Topaz Preciosa stones, which stand out very well on the lace. I'll be buying crystal stones (no AB) to stone around the lace, but I want an accent color around the Topaz stones that's darker...
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    Latin Costumes

    Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to get my first Latin costume designed/made, and I'd like some advice. My personal favorite costume design has the tails at the back with rows of ruffles; I think these move really well and emphasize turns, but I have heard they're very heavy. My friend has...
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    Coaches: Anya Katsevman, Lyubomir Asenov, Loreta Kriksukaityte

    I'm in Manhattan and looking to take lessons from one of the above people: Anya Katsevman, Lyubomir Asenov, Loreta Kriksukaityte or Ekaterina Fedosova. Has anyone had any experience with any of these people? Anya teaches at Dancesport, the others at Dance Studio 101.
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    Looking for a reasonable, reputable studio in Manhattan NYC

    I’m on the collegiate circuit and I’d like a teacher who charges reasonable rates but will also keep pressure on me to succeed. I’m currently a Bronze level dancer but would like to begin competing in Silver International Latin in a couple of months. I know of a few places in NYC (Manhattan...