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  1. dchester

    Alberto Podesta

    One of the great singers of tango, Alberto Podesta, left us at the age of 91. He sang with several orchestras, such as Calo, DiSarli and Laurenz. If you are so inclined, you can read more about him at one of these links. In Spanish...
  2. dchester

    Milongas in California

    The wife and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary by traveling through California (even though I wanted to go back to Buenos Aires). This past Saturday we were at El Encuentro in Los Angeles. We had a really nice time there (as a bonus, our friends Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo were there...
  3. dchester

    Milongas in NYC this weekend

    It looks like we'll be making the trek to the Big Apple for the long weekend, and taking classes in the day. As there are a few people here who frequent NYC, I was wondering if there are any milongas that you recommend (mostly close embrace, with no more than 25% alternative music, and 0% is...
  4. dchester

    An interesting animation

    I liked it. We'll see if others do as well.
  5. dchester

    Alternative Milonga

    Here's an entertaining video of Oscar Casas kicking it to Elvis. :banana:
  6. dchester

    Interview with Jennifer Bratt

    To follow up the interview with Ney Melo, here's the first part of an interview with Jennifer Bratt. As you might guess, I'm a big fan of her (and Ney's) style. Among her many talents, is the rare ability to make simple steps look special...
  7. dchester

    Interview with Ney Melo

    Here's an interview I came across with Ney Melo, a VU style dancer that I like. He talks mostly about his tango journey. One quote of his I really like is: “There will never be a step, sequence, or trick in tango that will come close to matching the power of the embrace.” Although it's...
  8. dchester

    How to build a tango community?

    Basically, the wife and I always have to drive elsewhere to get our tango fix on the weekends, so the thought was, why can't there be a (real) tango community in our hometown? (although we can drive an hour or so in most directions and hit a decent sized milonga). A few notes: We live in a...
  9. dchester

    Montreal Tango Fling Weekend

    In trying to talk my wife into going to the Denver Tango Festival in Denver next weekend, it somehow ended up with us going to Montreal instead for the Tango Fling weekend. Actually that's fine as I've never been there before. Are any others going up for the Fling, and/or do you have advise on...
  10. dchester

    Semantics, definitions, and gobbledegook teacher-speak

    We seem to have a recurring "issue" as of late. Threads are getting hijacked in a way that is making the place less friendly, and thus is discouraging people from posting as often. IMO the posts below, more or less sum up the major issue(s) from a couple different perspectives. As I see...
  11. dchester

    Just 1 More Dance

    Some people that I know up in Portland Maine put this together. I suspect that only tango people will get this. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  12. dchester

    The Pasada

    Not exactly a life shattering question, but just something I'm curious about. I'm aware of three different philosophies on how the lead and follow are supposed to work when leading the pasada (step over).1) Once paused, it's completely up to the follower to decide what she will do (she can...
  13. dchester

    What steps/moves do you use (and how often)

    Occasionally I see posts that preach to us (leaders) about keeping it simple. I don't really know how most people perceive my dancing style, and I'm not even sure how I view my own style. I get feedback from people occasionally. Lately it's been more good than bad, (but it could just be from...
  14. dchester

    Some thoughts and observations about my trip

    Well, I'm back from my vacation in Buenos Aires. There were 10 of us in the group that went with us (actually some of them are still there this week). The main purpose was to attend some classes that were setup at DNI for us. My wife also suggested that we celebrate our 26th wedding...
  15. dchester

    Dancing Cheek to Cheek

    This weekend I was at the Boston Tango Festival (It was easily their best one, BTW), and one of the workshops I attended was called "Tango para Enamorados: Close Embrace". The class was taught by Daniela Arcuri, and it was a great class. It basically was about dancing in close embrace, in a...
  16. dchester

    What's the One thing to be sure to do?

    Well, I'm making the trek to Buenos Aries in July with some friends (and of course, the wife). I might not be ready yet, but I'm going anyways. I can only stay for a week (as that work thing keeps complicating my life). We already have some classes scheduled with DNI Tango during that week...
  17. dchester

    Camcorder Etiquette & Advice

    As part of my efforts to end the economic slump, I bought a new camcorder this past weekend (although I suppose part of the reason was also to record my wife and I dancing, to see how bad I actually am). So Saturday night I went to a small milonga to test it out to see how it would perform...
  18. dchester

    Yale Tango Fest

    I'm just curious if anyone else here (besides me) is going. It's on April 10th - 12th in New Haven, CT (at Yale University).
  19. dchester

    Tango de los Muertos

    Just curious if anyone here will be attending the "Tango de los Muertos" festival, this weekend in the Boston area. I'll be there, so if any followers are looking for a dance with a rather mediocre (at best) leader, let me know. :D Here's the URL to the website if you are interested...
  20. dchester

    Leading - different philosophies?

    I've been working on a theory as to why I occasionally have problems (or get complaints) leading certain followers (most often they are intermediates), and actually have less trouble with leading either beginners or advanced dancers. I've mostly assumed that it was mainly due to me being...