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    Where to buy men's size 15 or 16 US dance shoes?

    I'm part of a collegiate ballroom dance club and one of our newcomers is having some difficulty purchasing shoes because of his large shoe size. Has anyone purchased shoes in this size and have recommendations? If not, do you happen to know ballroom shoe websites that go up to this size? His...
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    Beginner: What would you do?

    Can you look into finding a partner to split the cost of lessons with? Maybe the studio knows another beginner who had registered for the group lessons who would be willing. Or see if there's a way to contact everyone who registered for the beginner class and see if they'd be interesting in...
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    Advice in teaching collegiate newcomers

    I'm also a member of a collegiate dance club, and this semester our team captain tried to address some of issues newcomers were having with lead/follow dynamics by having a reverse role practice. It was silly, got everyone to relax, and got them to appreciate how difficult both roles are. We...
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    Ballroom dress patterns

    Pattern option D of Mccall's 6608 has full length panels and godets and seems like it might also be a good starting point.
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    Ballroom dress patterns

    If you're going for the burda 7879 pattern, I'd recommend buying it from instead of ebay as it's only $9 there. It also might be available in large chain fabric stores in the US (I bought a copy on sale for $2 from a Joann fabrics a few months ago). There's also a thread on...
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    Advice for running a very small collegiate comp

    My collegiate ballroom club is dipping our toes in the waters of competition hosting by holding a very small competition this semester geared towards newcomer and bronze dancers. We will have under 50 couples competing only in the American style plus a few social dances, but we still want to...
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    Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

    Hello! I'm currently president of the William and Mary ballroom dance club. When I first joined most of our club consisted of lower-level dancers, but with people rapidly moving up to higher levels there's an increasing demand for competition costumes. We're also expanding the number of...
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    Finding Inexpensive Dance Instruction DVDs

    I'm part of a college ballroom club that for years relied mainly on more experienced students to provide technique instruction for the newcomers. We do have a professional instructor who comes to teach for two hours every week, but a lot of improvement occurs during student-run practice sessions...