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    First competition.

    My previous coach once said that at first competition you compete with yourself, not others. Maybe at second one as well. You can start look around at your third competition. My first two comps were most memorable and most disastrous: dancing was bad, very bad, but nevertheless I felt...
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    Viennese Waltz: The Close Body Contact is Insane

    It happened to me once while dancing with a guy I knew pretty well as a friend. I said nothing, he was too quiet after the dance, it never happened again, I laugh now remembering this.
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    Who decides what competitions to attend?

    Thanks everyone. Of course no one can force anyone to do anything, I never doubted that part. I also know how pro/am works and how fees are getting split between students. I can also do a simple math and realize he will earn my month’s salary in just one day by taking 4-5 students to a one-day...
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    Who decides what competitions to attend?

    The question is about competing pro/am. I have a good idea what comps I would like to do, but it seems like my pro has his own list that doesn't agree with mine. For example, he wants me to go to this one-day competition that would require travel by plane and staying in a hotel a few nights. I...
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    Partner tryout/first lesson

    Yes, it seemed odd to me as well and the first question I asked was: "Are you trying to get rid of me?". Obviosly he said no, he just wanted me to be able to practice more (true, I hate practicing by myself) and would give him a chance to see my dancing from a distance and be a better teacher. A...
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    Partner tryout/first lesson

    Wow, I will make sure I get this part of the agreement in writing and notarized
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    Partner tryout/first lesson

    Out of the blue, my instructor offered to introduce me to a potential dance partner. I agreed and our first lesson is coming soon. This will be the first time we actually meet and talk, so it will be sort of tryout mixed with talking under the supervision of the instructor. I had two partners...
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    funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing

    Complementing my improved head position in Standard: "wow, FINALLY, you dance like a giraffe !"
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    Holiday blues...

    Holiday blues hit me harder than usual this year and I am also gaining much unnecessary weight. Can't wait for the normality to return in a few days. How do you deal with this season, dancers? I mean yes, I know it's important to stay busy, keep excercising , control alcohol, watch calories...
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    Dance Studio Solo Showcase $200 Fee?

    Celesty, I also live and dance in SF Bay Area and $200 is pretty standard to do a showcase here, some studios charge even more. I also think it's high, but a private lessons cost ~$100 here, so I guess it's only 2 lessons. It's typical for the fee to include DVD with the whole show, so some of...
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    Why do you dance (competitive ballroom)? Why you compete?

    I do pro/am, I am middle-age, but I am not lonely. Lonely has nothing to do with it. I ask myself the same question (i.e., why do I compete pro am?) very often and the answers usually are: - I'm crazy, - If I don't, I will regret later, - It's hard, - I am not bad at it, - I am stubborn, - I...
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    Mental focus vs muscle memory

    At this point of my journey in ballroom, I am realizing I lack mental focus to execute all the technical details my teacher tells me to do while I dance. I can do it for 2-3 figures and then unconsciously go back to old/incorrect habits/muscle memory. Quite often, I totally realize I am doing...
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    Do women like muscles?

    Muscles have nothing to do with the quality of dancing in social situations. I don't care. For competitive dancing, I agree lack of flexibility hurts men with more muscles. However, it's more pleasing to the eye when partners match in their overall physical built. So if a female partner is...
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    Is ballroom dance standardization a form of appropriation?

    Ok, so from a point of view of a "white" clientele ballroom student, I am not sure how history would help me learning the dance, unless the teacher is happened to be skilled in both authentic and modified versions and can lead me through emotional, musical and other intricacies of both styles...
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    Training Hours: How do you allocate?

    When do you people sleep, eat or do your laundry? lol! Ok, my list is less impressive and I consider it pretty full schedule, so I guess I have some catching up to do! 1. Aerobic activity (non-dancing) such as running, swimming, or aerobics classes trying to do 1 hour a week, but slacking often...
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    Let's talk about cancellation policy

    That's what I am planning to say to my pro when I see him next time: let's talk about cancellation policy. Do you have such policy with your teachers/students? I rarely cancel, and when I do, it's usually something serious, like emergency room visits for myself or family members. He, on the...
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    Dance Rituals

    Ha-ha, I do that too!
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    Thanks everyone, it helps to know I am not alone. My instructor of course is supportive and insists I am progressing. We shall see. I hear everyone who suggested to take a rest at times. And yeah, mental toughness, I am proud to say I am tough! Side note: just today I revealed my age to one of...
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    Is it common to go through what may feel like a regress (as in opposite to progress) in your ballroom dancing? I've been taking more lessons, exercising more (yoga and general gym classes), yet I feel I am dancing worse than 6 months ago. I specifically feel lack of balance recently and overall...
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    Physical Attraction and Sales

    I've never met an unattractive dance instructor. Even if they may seem quite ordinary initially, once they start dancing, that's it, I am in love :play: