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    USDC anyone??

    My first time going. I'll be dancing Smooth on Wednesday and Latin on Thursday . Hope to meet some of you !!!
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    more nitty gritty

    Sigh....and I promised my wife I wouldn't run for president.. Of USA dance that is:D:eek::confused:;). I agree with Larinda except that there needs to be no restrictions on the judges from either side
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    The 1958 Hong Kong Cha Cha Champion is.........

    BRUCE LEE!!!!!!!!! Newsweek put out a 75th anniversary of the Dragon freestanding edition chronicling many aspects of Bruce Lee's life. I had studied Jeet Kun Do starting as a 15 year old and had somehow never learned of Bruce's Ballroom dancing experience. Its said, while learning, he had cue...
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    And the 2014 USDC open pro rhythm champions are....

    Post your vote and why?
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    COOL Lyrical Rhymes in songs

    Some songs just have brilliant, cool or tricky rhyming which you can never forget.. Bruno Mars runaway baby "theres only once carrot and they all gotta share it" never heard carrot rhymed in a song before well done Bruno
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    Ballroom Dance New Years Resolutions... I resolve to..

    Work on my jive action, so the Mrs can stop telling me that 13 year olds do it better than I