02/23 - Dmitry of SYTYCD in San Diego

* Workshops with the Champions - Friday, 02/23/2007
* New Low Price for Champion Friday Dances - Only $5.00!!!

>> On Friday, February 23 at 7pm, Champion Ballroom Academy will be hosting two special dance classes and workshops. This is your chance to get some top-notch instruction, and also enjoy that Friday's party for FREE (for those that attend the workshops). Workshops are only $15 per person.

02/23, 7pm – Latin workshop with Dmitry Chaplin
Dmitry Chaplin is best known for being a finalist on season 2 of Fox So You Think You Can Dance. As an accomplished Latin dancer, he has danced in countless finals of premier ballroom events and the U.S. championships. This is definitely and opportunity for Latin-dance aficionados to receive some world-class instruction. Dmitry is also available for private lessons; call the front desk for more info: 619-291-7722.

02/23, 7pm – Standard Ballroom workshop with Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy, founder of the Champion Ballroom Academy, is a US Champion, Austrian National Champion, and award-winning in Standard, Smooth, Latin and Rhythm dancing. Also, she’s a judge/choreographer for the Fox TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. She is running a Standard ballroom workshop for the lovers of International-style ballroom.

You can pre-register at ChampionBallroom.com

>> Effective Immediately, the price for Champion Ballroom Academy's Friday Open Parties has been dropped to $5.00 per person. Please come join us for ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing on a spacious floor. Friday, February 23rd will be hosted by Mary Murphy, of Fox So You Think You Can Dance. As mentioned earlier, if you attend a workshop THIS DANCE IS FREE!

Hope to see you dancing soon!

More details at www.championballroom.com

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