1,001 things to do on Valentine's Day


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now if joe were to play his cards right....
If your talking about resale, which is the only thing that's coming to my mind, forget it. DH has the lock on wholesale/resale/hard-to-find/bizarreness around here. God only knows what some of his contacts could turn up... In fact, I don't particularly like wondering what his contacts could turn up if given half a chance.
SPratt, nice story about the boyfriend coming in to shop for Valentine's Day...great to help out a guy who really wants to get something for his gal!
Lol! Thank you. The poor guy was so nervous that I almost offered to go shopping with him. But he was off to a nice start though! He bought her a really nice watch and said that he was going to add a few more things to it, so even I was impressed lol. Some women have all the luck! ;)
Good god, to hell with Valentine's Day.

I'll probably spend the evening drinking pomegranate martinis somewhere trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

And then a couple of days later I'll get on a plane for Los Angeles and dance in the California Open! At least I have that to look forward to....



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yea...those were the days when you could do that sort of thing and not feel like you were dying for a week, maybe a few hours, but not a week...dosn't even sound fun anymore...
:cool: :cool: :cool: that is more like it...purrrrr...thank you IJ...even if I did have to pout for it;)
This took some time! Tried to get first to the ones who don't seem to have an SO for VD. Started with dear Chandra because she recently wrote about a break-up (and because I happen to know her favorite flower).


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And induce hallucinations (sp?), reportedly.
Not in the concentrations that it is legally made with in the European Union and Switzerland. Today's absinthes have something like 1/10th the thujone (the active ingredient in the wormwood) that they had back in the days of the Belle Epoque.

I can't believe you managed to find any here in the US--I'd heard absynthe was illegal, b/c of the hallucinagenic (sp? Why can't I spell worth a damn today???) properties.
It's not legal in any concentration in the US, but that doesn't mean one can't get it here.

I wonder what you got ahold of. Friends who tried it in Budapest reported no real effects...
That's because it's no longer allowed to be made strongly enough to have much of an effect. Although one can get home brewed/bootleg absinthe in places like Switzerland that are the real deal :)

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