1 Smooth/Standard Dress, 1 Latin Dress, 1 pair shoes

what kind of shoes do you still have for sale? x

I have tons of shoes for sale, all brand new! Please check out my ebay store. I am listing more every day (I can only list so much in a day :rolleyes:). Every shoe in my store you can choose your size, color and heel style!


If there is a style you don't see let me know. Also I can custom order narrow and wide widths. I have a website in the process.....coming soon ;)
I like slim heeled latin shoes in 3 inch but not many people do that. would you be able to?
This is what our 3" heel looks like. This shoe below even comes in a 3.5" heel for the very brave ;)
All shoes are available in narrow and wide widths via custom order. Also, most shoes can be custom ordered with a 3" heel even if the listing doesn't say so. Custom orders are non returnable.
Additional $15/per pair for custom order shoes for Signature/PartyParty/Upgraded Classic Styles, $5/per pair for custom Classic Styles.
If this isn't clear or if you have questions, please let me know :D
Also, I am listing more shoes every day if you want to wait and see more styles.

Oh I just re-read your post. For some reason I had thought you were wanting narrow width shoes :rolleyes: teach me to pay attention lol. Yes the majority of my shoes are available in a 3" heel. Unless you need a special width or if you want a special heel that isn't available for regular order then you wouldn't need to custom order.

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