10,000 Posts!!!

We've reached a major milestone with 10,000 posts. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions to the Dance Forums:
...to all the Moderators who have helps keep a wonderful environment including SDsalsaguy, vince a, pygmalion, MissAlyssa, d nice, salsarhythms and Swing Kitten.
...to the people who have contributed financially to the Dance Forums
...to the people who made suggestions about making the Dance Forums better. We try our best to listen
...to all the people who have contributed quality material for our readers. I truly believe the 10,000 posts encompasses some wonderful advice and stories.
...and especially all of the members. We are nothing without members. Thank you so much for your participation.

I hope to see you all when we hit 100,000 posts, which shouldn't be long at the rate we are going.

(P.S. You might notice that when add up the posts in each forum, it doesn't add up to 10,000. That is because we have a Moderator's Hangout where the Dance Forum moderators have contributed their suggestions, discussed solutions to problems, and helped each other to make this a good place. IMHO, They are doing great!)


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YAY for us all. :D :cheers:

We have all contributed to DF's success -- DM for thinking DF up and keeping it going, the moderators for (attempting to be) moderate :lol: , and the members for participating. Congrats to all of us. And here's to the next 10,000. :D


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I think I see more new members coming on board here then on any other discussion forum for any subject. 8)

I've commented earlier of the fast growth of this forum. I think I have to term this forum "Mentor's Monster." Hats off to DanceMentor our fearless administrator.

Now, I ask you all again; wouldn't it be cool if we could all get together and dance? 8)

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