10 hours, 5 DVD video library

"Are You Ever Sitting Down At A Salsa Club Because You Can't Dance
What The DJ Is Playing at the Time?"

You've got salsa, merengue, bachata, cha-cha...but yet most people
can only dance to 1 or maybe 2 of these...

Well, I've just produced a new 10 Hour, 5 DVD collection that covers:

- Salsa Dancing
- Merengue
- Bachata
- Cha-Cha

The library is availabe in DVD format and was filmed with a broadcast
quality 3-CCD camera (for amazing video).

The sound is Digital Dolby 5.1... (have you heard some videos
out there...they sound really bad)

The package is by far the best quality I've produced...

I haven't made it available to the public yet because I reserved
the initial release to current clients of mine...but...

As soon as the first round goes through, I will let you know how you
can get a hold of a set... :D


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I actually got his timing course, but am not sure how much it helped me. Not much really, which is why I probably am still lousy at salsa. So, I'm in the first lot of people getting the DVDs. I'll definitely can let any of you guys know what it is like when I get them.
Wow...thanks guys!

Let me answer some questions:

The project is moving along, however, because I gave the first round
to my clients it's not yet available for the public.

That's why there's no info on the web site (actually there is but only my
clients know the URL... :D )

Sagitta, I'm really sorry that the Timing Course has not helped, but you
do get the consultation with us. Let me know when you'd like it so that
Carlos can get with you to find out what is the problem exactly.

Now, for everyone else...before I even publish it on my web site for
the world to see, I'll publish it here so...

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