13 Beautiful Italian Gowns


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I have been asked by a lady who competes pro am at a high lever, to sell all her gowns. She has 13 gowns for sale which are made by Sapiel and RS (There are 2 made elsewhere, one is Chrisanne ex sponsored gown and another I am not sure of the designer name).

She bought all the gowns new for at least $4,000-$5000 but is very reasonable with her asking price, all her gowns will be priced below $2000.

All her gowns are in like new condition as she never wore them more than 2-4 times. They are all classy but unique. She is 5'4 and wears around size 4-6 but I have seen people up to 5'7'' try the gowns on and they still fit well. I will be posting photos on my page in the upcoming weeks and a few here, but at this moment I don't have them photographed. I just want to put the notice out there as those are some of the nicest gowns I have received for consignment, and for very good prices.

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