15 Truths About Being a Professional Dancer


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1. Dance is hard. – No dancer ever became successful riding on their natural born talents only.
Ohhh my god I've seen this problem so many times. Cold comfort for those of us with very little natural talent...

All of the rest of them are great too - all very applicable to life, not just dancing.
1. Dance is Hard~ A lot of students I get come in thinking that dance is easy. The pros do a great job in making it look easy don't they :)) They honestly have no idea how much work actually goes into it. Shortly after - the weak fade away, but the strong survive. The passion outweighs the struggle and eventually they realize their dreams. I believe this to be true in the professional arena. So many dancers dream of making it in the big leagues, but they soon realize that they are merely a beginner - again - and can't seem to swallow that fact that they have to continue training on whole different level and broaden their horizons so that they can audition for anything that comes there way. It's a true hustle and only the strongest will survive.

I think this is a great article to share with my more advanced students. It gives a realistic idea of what it will take mentally and physically.
hey it strikes me that this article could be about almost anything... like most of the points made are almost universal truths... Like I have always been taught - nothing worthwhile is ever easy...

Great article


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4. There may not be a tomorrow. –…Dance every day as if it is the final performance. Don’t save the joy of dance for the stage. Infuse even your routine classroom exercises with passion!

almost made me cry lol but so true!
Being a professional dancer takes a lot of effort and understanding of your craft. All those 15 truths about being a professional dancer is true. Sure enough, dance is hard and there's so many things you still don't know. There's a saying that experience is the best teacher so it applies to everyone professional or not.

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