15 Years of Dance Forums

While things are a bit slower these days, it is still amazing that this forum is a little more than 15 years old now. I'm sure a lot has happened in the lives of many people during this time. And it has been wonderful that people have shared their experiences here. So thanks for sharing, and I wonder if in 2032 we will be talking about how it has been another 15 years. Ha ha

And back in the year 2002, I was doing everything on the computer. I'm not sure when I started to use a smart phone, but it wasn't too easy to type on the forum in those days using a Phone.

Now I routinely talk into my phone in order to type. I expect over the next couple of years, that will be an increase in technology is where we can share our actual voices with each other, as well as live streaming. I think it is likely we will see those technologies here in the next couple of years, but don't worry, nothing is about to roll out.

Supposing that dance Forums is still around in 2032, any ideas what it might be like? Maybe it will be the same.

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