2,000 Post Club

So now I made it - I suppose thats the end of life as I know it?

Actually it might be, my notebook just crashed - fortunately I seem to be ablt to get my key files off....


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seems like just yesterday you hit 1,000!
they really do tick off pretty quickly after that.
although now i'm immune... the next milestone that'll register something will be the demi-goddess one... around 14,5 i think? am guessing october-ish...
I finally made it. And without even any compalints about missing posts. ;)
Yes, and just HOW did you make it? I think we have you on record appropriating my posts. Lets see, if we take all the ones back that were stolen you would have about -20K now.


Oh, and by the way, congrats!! Next up - the 1K barrier... (he, he, he...)

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