2 Beautiful Ballgowns for Sale


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i'm interested in the purple one, skwigs... will you be at the MD comp? would love to try on...:)
Yes, I will be there Saturday night. And I live about a mile down the road from the comp, so I can come by another time if Saturday night isn't convenient for you.


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Red Gown


How tall are you or the person wearing the red dress? The Red is very beautiful. I can't buy a new dress every month but I love simple dresses with classic floats...if it is not gone in a few months and it is the right height (I am 5'9"), I am definetely interested.



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Sorry amiko, the red dress is sold. The purple and lavender are both still available.

The red would have worked from someone 5'9", but the others are probably too short. I'm 5'6".


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The purple and lavender can be made available for try-ons at Clover Star Classic, NJ DanceSport Classic Spring Fling, and USA Dance Nationals upon advance request.

I might also have the gown in my avatar for sale at USA Dance Nationals. I will post more pictures in the future.


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I wanted to edit the original post in this thread, but I don't seem to have permission. Is there a time limit on how long a post is available for editing?


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Haha. :) I'm not looking to make a business out of this or anything. Just trying to clean out the closet and fund some new dresses at the same time. ;)

But if selling proves to be less challenging than it has been for me in the past, I may start going through dresses much quicker. :)
Perhaps your dresses are just getting way nicer... Unfortunately, all I can do is sit and drool. Next time you have one for a giraffe let me know... ;)

Actually, I'm resolved to build from scratch. I'm going to start with an idea from one of Kats old dresses (it was too small too) and adapt it for me. Fortunately, I have a seamstress to work with - she made my current one which I've been using way too long (but is still in pretty good shape - a testament to her workmaship).

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