2 gowns for 1000 and under, and one reduction


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I may have found a partner for Gold Smooth at MIT. Still waiting on the potential TBA for Standard. ::crosses all extremities::

I competed in Silver/Gold Standard at Harvard in a black dress with an electric blue splash across the front of the right and the back of the left. I'm ready to get a new dress and sell that one, but as before mentioned, I've got nothing but moths and vapours ;)
Thought you looked amazing in that dress at Harvard, BTW


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Am bitter. Cannot convince DH to buy the blue dress for me, just to have b/c it's shiny and sparkly and pretty.

Some nonsense reason about being a waste of money...


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oh, and the "shiny sparkly pretty" crap guys eyeball (electronics and such, typically) *isn't* a waste of money most of the time?

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