2005 Holiday Dance Classic, Las Vegas

I'm posting this on behalf of Mary Murphy... Hope to see some of you there! We're dancing Saturday night.

Your organizers for the 2005 Holiday Dance Classic, Wendy Johnson, Mary Murphy, and Sam Sodano, are proud to announce the 2005 judging panel:

* Lee Wakefield (Provo, UT)

* Dianne Gingerich (Mission, KS)

* Debbie Avalos Kusumi (Town & Country, MO)
* Nathan Hawes Daniels (Golden Valley, MN)
* Linda Dean (United States)
* Rosendo Fumero (Houston, TX)
* Jean Marc Genereaux (Canada)
* Colin Hillary (Coral Springs, FL)
* Gary McDonald (Fairfield, NJ)
* Tony Meredith (New York, NY)
* Marianne Nicole (Stamford, CT)
* Toni Redpath (San Diego, CA)
* Edward Simon (New York City, NY)
* Ken Sloan (Glendale, CA)
* Heather Smith (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
* Marina Tarsinov (New York, NY)
* Vibeke Toft (Denmark)
* Allan Tornsberg (United Kingdom)
* Pat Traymore (McLean, VA)
* Linda Wakefield (Provo, UT)
* Glenn Weiss (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)

Also, for those attending, you can pre-arrange hair/make-up appointments:

* Linda Doyle, 817-685-7558 (some openings)
* Elaine Saunders, 818-789-5142 (some openings)
* Antoinette Johnston, 443-418-1060 (all booked)

We look forward to seeing you at the Luxor, Las Vegas, December 8th to the 11th!

Visit www.holidaydanceclassic.com for more information, or call 619-291-7722.

Contact Information:
619-291-7722, Fax 619-291-1835
I think the heatlists are usually up the week before, so hopefully sometime between Thursday and Monday.

I'm always shillin' for dance-forums so it never hurts to be someone else's shill form time to time ;-)

BTW, I heard there's a chance some of the new "Stars" from Dancing with the Stars may be at the Holiday Dance Classic on Sunday night (Lisa Rinna w/ husband Harry Hamlin). Too bad I don't still have my Clash of the Titans lunchbox for him to sign :'(
redhead said:
Is there any way to see how many couples one competes against (except for clicling on each and every name)?
You can go to the winners circle, and it should show the full heat, although, I don't think it's entirely up to date, because there are people missing from the heats that I know are going, so they may have gotten their entries in too late to make it on the website.

Either way, just check out the Winners Circle...
redhead said:
Is there any way to see how many couples one competes against (except for clicling on each and every name)?
Look for the event in the Winners Circle and it usually lists who will be competing.

Oops...guess I should have kept reading.

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