2007 DF Silent Auction!!!

2. Set of custom made, Swarovski crystal competition bracelets (sell on eBay for ~$100)
- soft and won't snag your costuming (or your partner)
- if worn wear with standard gown, floats easily attached
:arrow: can be made to match a specific gown if the winning bid exceeds $100 (provided the winning bidder send a picture of the gown)
Is it possible to see some of the bracelets. Is there a fast way search on ebay so we can see their work. Interested on these item


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Can this certificate be use on their web-site?
OK, I have confirmation on this now... Yes, given the stipulations & restrictions noted (i.e. $25 coupon only valid on orders over $100 and cannot be combined), then yes, they will be honored for web orders.


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The gift certificates from Take the Lead DanceWear can be used on purchases via the website. Dance Forums can provide us with the information on the winners and we will make sure they are accessbile.
Happy Holidays and good luck with the Auction!!

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