2007 Princeton/UPenn Clover Star Classic


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I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that everyone who registered actually shows up! Registration can be flakey, especially for college comps. And it's BARELY a semi.
Final registration closes Sunday at midnight (so there are two more days to make champ standard into a quaterfinal :) )

By the way if anyone has any preferences about the schedule of open events on Saturday night, let me know.


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I thought the web site said that registration closes on Sunday?

I'm excited that now there are 12 couples registered for Open Standard. That is a much stronger guarantee that we'll have a semi, even if there are one or two no-shows.


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And as far as the schedule for the open events... for completely selfish reasons I would want Open Standard to be as early as possible. We are driving back to Maryland that night, and the earlier we can hit the road, the better. ;)
At the moment it looks like standard/smooth will be before latin/rhythm (there are a bunch of people registered in multiple styles so I think we have to separate them)
wait, are you planning to interleave standard prechamp and champ events? that could result in 6 rounds in a row without evenm 20 minute breaks for a lot of us

can you run prechamp standard early in the evening and champ later? so that people doing both have a break?
Only 5 rounds in a row, since Champ is only a semi. ;-P But yes, that's a lot of dancing without a break.
i think prechamp might be an octafinal. 18 couples.

we did 4 rounds at MAC and were very tired doing champ (you had one more round and looked great though...:) sure you were tired too)

At MAC however this was more spaced out as champ was only started after prechamp was finished.


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18 couples is a quarter final, and 12 is a semi. So that would be 5 rounds.

And yes, we were completely exhausted at MAC, especially by the 5th round. I was surprised that we were still standing up straight, what with the shooting pains in my feet and all. ;) But thanks for the compliment. :)
ok, thinkning about it now, clover is a scheduling nightmare. if there are not enough breaks between prechamp and champ standard events a large portion of the field might choose not to dance it.

there are also couples registered in both open latin and standard.
they are going to be super tired of course...
Dru and Alicia for example are registered for both Prechamp and Champ Standard and also for Latin...

I guess the 5 or 6 rounds standard problem is especially signinficant for those couples who are going to be making finals in one or both events...


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The easiest solution would be to interleave Standard/Rhythm and Latin/Smooth, except that you have some cross-registration there so that might be impossible with costume changes.

I wonder if there is enough time to incorporate Gold into the evening session? That way Gold and Champ could be interleaved for the same style. There should be no crossover between those two levels. Of course then the problem still remains of how to work in breaks between the Prechamp rounds, if you have some people dancing 3 or 4 styles it may be impossible to interleave across styles with the costume changes.

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