2007 USA Dance Southwest Regionals

Hello All,

Please note that the conflict of several amateur events at the San Diego Open with the Regionals has been resolved. As per USA Dance's request, the SD Open Amateur events that were originally planned for Saturday night have been moved to Friday night to accommodate participation in both events. (as per Wayne Eng, 3/19/07)

Look forward to seeing you at both events -


Borbala Bunnett
Region 4 USA Dance Representative


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Hi there. I've put PDFs of the entry forms and the ticket order form on the web site. I still need to hook up the online ticket order system, but for those of you who want to mail in an entry form with a check we're ready for you!

Don't forget: you must mail in a ticket order form along with your entry form! If you don't purchase tickets, we won't accept your entry. The reason for this is that we do not charge any entry fees for entries received before the May 15th deadline -- everyone just needs an admission ticket to get into the ballroom.



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The web site for taking entries and ticket orders for the 2007 USA Dance Southwest Regional DanceSport Championships is now open. You may enter online and pay for your competitor pass with a credit card, or you may download and print paper entry forms and pay with a check.

Please see our web site at http://www.usabda-norcal.org/regionals for all the details.

Remember, the entry deadline is May 15th!

See you in June!


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Hi there, I don't have a full list to post right now, Tigerlilly.

If anyone has registration questions or issues between now and the end of April, please email registrar@usabda-norcal.org. I'm not going to have email access for a while, and Ava Kaye will be watching that email address for me. She can answer questions about rules, costumes, how to use the online registration system, and so on.

Don't forget, the entry deadline is May 15th.
Hi Tigerlilly,

Here's the list from the o2cm site, though not sure if this has been updated (could be last year's):

Gene Jennings
Charlotte Jorgenson
Elizabeth Knoll
Rex Lewis
Erin Pick
Sue Swain
Glenn Weiss
Gosia Zygadlo
Stephen Cullip


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Hi there...just wanted to let people know that I'm back and so am here to answer questions, help with registrations, etc.

The registration deadline is May 15th, so if you haven't signed up for anything yet get to it!

Here are the answers to three questions I've been asked lately:

Q: Do I have to compete in the same events at Regionals as I intend to at Nationals?

A: No. You don't even have to dance with the same partner...however, whoever you do dance with at Nationals must have also done a Regionals.

Q: Where are the Senior Syllabus events?

A: In order to keep Southwest Regionals to a one-day event, we're not offering any Senior Syllabus events. You can enter the Adult Syllabus events. You can also enter the Senior Novice events, since any couple dancing in any Syllabus level is also eligible to dance in Novice.

Q: Can I wear a costume in my Syllabus events?

A: No. At this competition, none of the Syllabus events being run allow costumes.


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Well, I've got some good news and some not so good news.

The good news is that the 2008 USA Dance Southwest Regional DanceSport Championships will be held in February. (This means it won't conflict with the San Diego Open in 2008!) The 2008 SW Regional will satisfy the "regional participation" requirement for the 2008 USA Dance Nationals.

The not so good news is that the 2007 Southwest Regionals is NOT a qualifier for the 2008 USA Dance Nationals. We apologize for the confusion, and regret any inconvenience that this may cause.

So, things are like usual:
  • June 2007 Regional is only for August 2007 National
  • February 2008 Regional is only for April 2008 National

Anyway...see some of you soon, and don't forget that entries for this year's SW Regional are due on May 15th 2007! See www.usabda-norcal.org/regionals for details.


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Retracting the Retraction

Well, I have some more interesting news. I'm so sorry to confuse everyone, but it seems that in USA Dance the left hand sometimes doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

I checked with someone on the National Steering Committee, who checked with someone on the DanceSport Council, and the official rule is that in order to satisfy the Regional Participation Requirement, a competitor must dance a Regional in the twelve months leading up to Nationals.

So, I was correct all along:
  • The June 2007 Southwest Regional will satisfy the qualification requirement for the August 2007 and the April 2008 USA Dance Nationals.
  • Similarly, the May 2007 North Central Regional (Chicago), the June 2007 South Central Regional (Baton Rouge), and the July 2007 NorthWest Regional (Seattle) will satisfy the qualification requirement for both the August 2007 and April 2008 USA Dance Nationals.
  • Southwest, Northwest, North Central, and South Central Regionals will all be held again in 2008, although some of their dates may be changing, so if you miss these events in 2007 you should check back again for them in 2008 so you'll get another opportunity to "qualify" for the April 2008 USA Dance Nationals.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Registration Deadline May 15th

Just a reminder -- the registration deadline for the 2007 Southwest Regional DanceSport Championships is tomorrow, Tuesday May 15th.

You can register online via www.usabda-norcal.org/regionals

Competitors who sign up and pay for their Competitor Tickets before the deadline pay only for their tickets. There are no additional per-event entry fees.

Competitors who do not purchase their tickets by the deadline will still be able to enter, but they must check with me (email registrar@usabda-norcal.org) to make sure their event is still available, and they must pay a one-time $25 per couple late fee.

If you've already signed up and paid, you may add or change entries without any penalties, so long as you check with me first.

See you all in June!

P.S. I haven't added the paper entries to the online list yet, so there will be a lot more people than what is currently showing.


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online entries and ticketing temporarily disabled

Dear Competitors and Spectators,

Online entries and online ticket sales for the 2007 Southwest Regional DanceSport Championships have been temporarily disabled while I go offline to work on setting the heats for this competition.

COMPETITORS: If you need to enter, or add/drop existing entries, please call me at 415-810-5345. As a backup, please also email me at registrar@usabda-norcal.org

SPECTATORS: If you are trying to buy tickets online, you will have to wait until I unlock the system again. You can also purchase tickets at the door, don't worry, we won't run out!

Sorry for any inconvenience, but don't worry it will all work out right in the end :)


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Hi all,

SPECTATORS: Due to a misunderstanding on my part as to exactly how the online database system works, I'm going to leave online ticketing closed. Rest assured, we will not run out of tickets at the door! Tickets cost:
  • Adults - $25
  • College - $20
  • Under-19 - $12
and are payable by cash or check only. We cannot accept credit cards at the event.

COMPETITORS: Due to that same misunderstanding, I'm not going to be able to upload the full heat lists, times etc. etc. until Tuesday (if then). Anything you clever people who know how to dig around in O2CM find is NOT the official final schedule!

I do have an official preliminary schedule available at http://www.usabda-norcal.org/regionals/Schedule.html . I will be updating this later with information on multi-round heats regarding how many rounds and what time each round will take place. Please note that heats may run up to 1/2 hour early. We will not, however, start the daytime session before 9:30am or the evening session before 6:00pm.

I apologize for any inconvenience, this is my first time setting up a competition using O2CM!

See you at the comp!

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