2008 DF Silent Auction!!!


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click on the auction link at the beginning of this thread and that takes you to the items. then you click on the item you want and make your bid. very nicely designed little system there...


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odd...i tried that...so I am wondering if there are one or two that don't work or whether it's just me being dippy again ;)...and joe is pretty savvy which makes me think that a glitch might have merit


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Hold it! I just tried to bid and the button for placing bids was gone. I checked several items.

What time today does the auction end?


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*phew* I tried to bid last night and could not.... thought I had my dates mixed up.
Apparently the programming of the software only recognized the closing date, not that that was meant to be the closing day of the auction. Anyway, got it sorted out quickly enough this morning, so hopefully everyone can still get in whatever bids they wish.

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