2008 MIT Open


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Yes. That is EXACTLY what I want to know!!

After all, the later I dance, the more likely that I might be able to convince my friends to come watch me. ::grins::
Competitors: Payments for MIT Open due today!

Payments for registrations for the 2008 MIT Open are due today!

Information on paying online, or where to mail your check payment is at:


Payments need to be postmarked today, or posted via the online interface by 11:59PM or late feels will be assessed. Don't wait until it's too late!


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Could anyone recommend a good practice space (for Standard) for Friday night April 18 close to the MIT venue? Thank you!

If you have a car you could go to Avanti Ballroom in Newton. It's Larinda's studio. If you don't have a car you could try Extreme Dancesport in Cambridge. It's been so long since Ive been to Extreme that I can't recall if their floor is big enough for Standard or if they have poles. Using the obvious URLs gets you to their websites.

Supershag is open that night and is certainly big enough but has a weekly party so you'd be dodging social dancers since it isn't set up for practice that night.

Oh, if you have a YMCA membership you could probably call the local Y in Central Square and see if there is space available.
At this point, online registration for the MIT Open is closed. If you need to have any changes (drops) done, please use the registrar link at the registration site so sent us email. Any new registrations at this point will need to be done on site. We have tech check-ins at the venue on Friday 4/18 from 7-9 PM. That's a good time to register as well.

The usual caveats apply to late registrations: there is a late fee and we reserve the right to refuse a registration if it requires us to run extra heats.

This thing is huge and we're psyched!


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omg, haven't seen that expression in a while :cool:
I'll echo BM's sentiments about desiring a breakdown of heat times. Last check they weren't posted yet. Not being impatient, just pointing it out :p
I say "psyched" . . . and "nifty," as CTBallroom snickers. :p

Thanks for posting about that, and123 - I was about to quote myself to bump it. ::grins:: My team is still planning on holding practise that day, but obviously if Gold Latin is starting too early in the day, we're going to have to pass on that one . . .


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I have refrained from incorporating the word "wicked" into my slang-cabulary! Hints of ebonics, on the other hand . . . ::cringes::

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