2008 MIT Open


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Quick question: is there food at the venue? I see Bertucci's is listed as a vendor - is that the only one?

Kat - how'd you do?

Does anyone have results from last night's latin? Review on the show?
Quick question: is there food at the venue? I see Bertucci's is listed as a vendor - is that the only one?
Food in the venue is kind of a new thing for college comps. If you get to the student center on Mass Ave outside the other end of the gym complex, there's a grocery store with a range of takeout and sandwich options, and a dining hall food court on the second floor. You can get out that way by walking out the opposite corner of the gym, but wouldn't be able to get back in that end of the gym complex and would have to walk around outside to the comp entrance. There is (or was) also a sandwich shop on the north corner of mass ave & vassar st.


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Will there be a list of all the photographers that were there? There were quite a few, both professional and amateur, if I'm not mistaken.

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Champ Standard:
1 Mechyslav Pavlyuk & Margaret Midura
2 Alex Spencer & Katarzyna Herink
3 Valentine Hodgman & Melodie Crawford
4 Kani Lia & Anna Chaldysheva
5 ? forgot their names.... former MIT couple that moved away... and came back just for the comp
6 Tuan Phan & Angie Chen
photos and marks

I was told by one of the photographers that their pictures would be available through links on the MIT website.
Photographs from our official photographers, Moses Goddard and Cara Beaudette, will be available via ballroom.mit.edu/comp in about a week to 10 days.

We hope to have the marks up soon. Again, there will be a link up on ballroom.mit.edu/comp .

Lastly, we'll be upgrading disk space on the server over the coming week to better accommodate videos. Don't be surprised if we're down for a short spell while that's happening.
1. Peter Gelzhinsky & Mila Burdan
2. Arkadiy Stepanchuk & Jacqueline Dikansky
3. Alex Nemiroski & Ilana Keselman

4. Carlos Lopez & Genevieve Cuevas

That's all I can remember. So exhausted . . .
5. Mechyslav Pavlyuk & Margaret Midura (won champ standard)
6. Sandy Chen + partner

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