2009 Clover Star Classic 2/7/2009

We still don't have the detailed schedule posted but I can update that there will be a Friday night social running from 7pm onwards. (The first hour is probably going to be a beginner lesson FYI so you may want to skip that).
The social will be at Bodek Lounge in Houston Hall
3417 Spruce Street
The green flag marks the social location.

We should have marked the parking lots on the map. Oh, here:
Light yellow indicates visitor parking. Market Street, which is the street the venue is on, would be up just off the top of the map.

Also, addresses of the lots are listed here.
The competition is tomorrow. Are you ever posting a detailed schedule???
Um. I just asked and apparently despite what the website promises, the answer is
"no, we are not going to post a more detailed schedule b/c there continues to be add/drop."

The order for the daytime events will be bronze/newcomer/silver/gold/syllabus,
and from a quick scan of the open events, there aren't going to be that many heats.
Please let me know if you have something more specific that can be addressed and I can check in again later.
Thanks to everyone who attended the 2009 Clover Star Classic at the University of Pennsylvania, I hope you had a good time at the comp. Please feel free to post or PM feedback. I don't know when results or photos will be posted but will update as things go online.

I think we probably didn't post a more detailed schedule b/c we apparently interleave events like crazy when we're still tallying up scoresheets. Or at least, that's what I would guess caused multiple dances in the same level to be mixed w/ events from other levels.

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